Massage in and near Tulsa, OK

Tulsa massage seekers know that finding the perfect therapist requires patience and attentiveness. You need to consider what’s most important to you: atmosphere and ambience, relaxation, or chronic pain relief. Lucky for you, we’ve culled through all the options to find our favorites. With our help, the next Tulsa massage therapist you see might be the best ever.

Get Your Massage Now | Midtown

At Get Your Massage Now, the custom massage therapists easily tackle stress and muscle aches with a fleet of massage modalities that target everything from shoulder tension to poor blood circulation. In Swedish and full-body massages, they provide relaxation and melt away soreness with long, gentle strokes. During deep-tissue massages, they increase the intensity, using concentrated pressure to break apart stubborn knots. As if that weren’t enough, they unleash other massage forms such as shiatsu, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy on chronic pain, so clients can finally experience relief.

What People Are Saying

“Targeted areas of neck and back that most people lightly pass over. Such a great massage!” – Jeanita B.

“This guy was amazing! Very respectful and professional! He knows exactly what he’s doing!!! Will be coming back soon.” – Ashley B.

“Massage was one of the best I’ve ever had. I’ll definitely go back. Youree knows how to give a great deep tissue massage as well as effective muscle stretches.” – Jan C.

Phyllynna Christinna's Salon and Spa | Southside

As a licensed cosmetologist, Phyllynna makes clients feel good from the outside, with on-trend hairstyles and eyelash extensions. And because she’s also a licensed massage therapist, she’s especially adept at making clients feel good from the inside. But don’t take our word for it.


See What People Are Saying

“Phyllynna does a wonderful job of helping you relax and get away from the stress of life for an hour! Is attentive to your needs and helps diminish the knots! She is my go-to therapist!!” – Heather M.


“Phyllynna was so kind and down to earth. Her spa was clean, cozy, and she gave a great massage. I am definitely going back. Plus, she gave the full amount of 60 plus a few minutes. Often times, places don't give you the full amount. I am definitely going back.” – Karen K.

“She was friendly, professional, she quickly adjusted her technique to match the areas that needed extra attention. I truly enjoyed my session with her. Will definitely be going back.” – Allen G.

The Skinologist

Shannon Demry, also known as The Skinologist pampers her clients from forehead to toe with a full menu of facials, wax sessions, and, of course, massages. Though she’s adept at soothing Swedish massage and targeted sports massage, her specialty is what she calls “fascia blasting”—a soft-tissue release massage that can help relieve chronic pain throughout the back, neck, and hips.

See What People Are Saying

“Real professional and knowledgeable about where to pinpoint through massage in finding out your daily activities!” – Matthew C.


“Great massage! Love the pressure applied at pressure points.” – Chere H.


“Great massage & excellent facial! Wonderful therapist that is really in tune with the clients needs.” – Tara M.

“Shannon is wonderful! I got the 90 minute deep tissue massage and would highly recommend it. I'll definitely be going back!” – Emily G.

Reflexology, Explained

The ancient practice of reflexology is experiencing a revival of sorts, as customers flock to spa to request this modality. But what exactly is it? We’re here to answer your questions about this massage technique, sometimes known as Chinese foot massage. Tulsa, take note of this up-and-coming treatment!


What is reflexology, exactly?

During a reflexology session, the therapist manipulates pressure points in the feet and hands to target organs and systems throughout the body to, as they say, treat a wide range of maladies. Like acupuncture, reflexology is meant to engender healing by removing blockages in the flow of qi—or the body’s life force.


What are the benefits of reflexology?

Some studies show that it can alleviate pain, as well as anxiety, stress, and depression. Some therapists say it can have equal benefit as a deep-tissue massage.

Debbie Billington, CMT

Two events inspired Debbie Billington’s passion for massage. First, in 1995, she worked alongside other therapists to help rescuers of the Murrah Building bombing. Then, back home in Tulsa, she treated runners preparing for the 100th Boston Marathon. Today she's certified in prenatal, chronic pain, geriatric, and sports massage, and trained in many other modalities, including cupping, chair, and active isolated stretching treatments.


See What People Are Saying

“Debbie is very professional and gives a wonderful, therapeutic massage. She’s a master at finding those knots and tight spots and gently relieving them. I highly recommend her!” – Sharon B.

“Nice and relaxing!” - Kari Z.

Hot-Stone Massage, Explained


Who doesn’t want to achieve the blissed-out state of that woman in the stock photos? You know what we mean: she’s lying on the massage table with a serene smile on her face, and on her back, a row of gleaming black stones. But how, you might be wondering, do those stones work? What is a hot-stone massage? We’ve got answers.


What Is Hot Stone Massage?

Those stones are almost like the therapist has an extra pair of hands. The therapist will heat them to a tension-easing temperature, then place them strategically atop sore spots. While the therapist is focused on manipulating one muscle group, the heat from the stones penetrates another, helping to release tension. Even better, therapists will rub the heated stones into and across muscles as they work for extra soothing relief.