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Massage in Tulsa

A relaxing massage from a Tulsa spa can be an excellent way to unwind tight muscles, push away aches, and relieve stress. Massage therapy is also used to treat symptoms of both physical and mental illness. There are more than a dozen different massage techniques. Want to relieve chronic pain or arthritis? A deep tissue massage can soothe your muscles and joints. Are you brainstorming anniversary gifts? A couples massage is a perfect way to bond with a loved one.

If you’re looking to unwind, reduce stress, or soothe achy muscles, consider getting a massage from a local spa. Scroll down to explore massage deals in Tulsa, learn about different techniques, and find a spa near you.
A couples massage can be an intimate bonding experience for two loved ones or close friends. Most couples massages use the Swedish massage technique, but other variations are available. For a couples massage in Tulsa, visit Omni Oasis Spa & Massage, Red Canyon Massage Therapy, or Massage Envy.
A deep tissue massage is an ideal option for anyone with chronic pain or muscle tightness. This therapeutic technique uses intense kneading to loosen muscle knots and improve mobility. For a highly rated deep tissue massage in Tulsa, visit Madsen Massage Therapy, Refreshing Day Spa, or Cynthia’s Awesome Massage.

What Is a Couples Massage & What to Expect

Groupon Editors

Wondering what is a couples massage, what to expect when you get one, and how to act while you're there? We talked a massage therapist to get you the scoop.

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