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    50% Off Bagels and Deli Food at Bruegger's
    Multiple Locations
    $40 $20 0.0 miles
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    Half Off American Food at The Garden Grille & Bar
    $30 $15 3.0 miles
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    Half Off Café Food at Europa Deli
    $10 $5 3.1 miles
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    50% Off Casual American Food at Greece/Penfield Hots
    Multiple Locations
    $20 $10 3.2 miles
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    Half Off at Pub Food at The Landing Bar and Grille
    $20 $10 3.7 miles
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    50% Off at Argyle Grill at Eagle Vale
    $30 $15 4.0 miles
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    Up to 52% Off from Perinton Pizza in Fairport
    $24.48 $12 4.1 miles
24 State St. Pittsford, NY 14534


When Nord Brue and Mike Dressell began perfecting their bagel recipe with the help of a professional NYC bagel maker in 1983, the bagel was still an anomaly in the food world—it was geographically and culturally still isolated in New York City. Fueled by a desire to change that, the duo opened up the first Bruegger's deli with the hope of eventually introducing the rest of the country to the bagel. Brue and Dressell have since realized their dream, sharing their distinctive recipes and culinary traditions at 300 locations spread across 26 states. To this day, they oven-bake their centerless bread rolls every morning and afternoon, populating counter displays that also brim with daily made breads, Vermont cream cheese, and custom-roasted coffee.

Executive Chef Phillip Smith and his network of chefs still use the original five-ingredient recipe for their dough, which they shape into more than 20 bagel varieties. Because they draw from each region's local recipes and from dialogue and Pictionary games with local consumers, certain menu items may vary from store to store across the country. The bagels are often served with Bruegger's eclectic cream cheeses such as bacon scallion or pumpkin, or as sandwiches with meats, cheeses, and veggies often sourced from local or organic produce. Coffe gets just as much attention, with house blends of 100% arabica coffee.

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