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    50% Off at Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe
    Multiple Locations
    $24 $12 0.3 miles
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    Up to 51% Off Italian Food at Marvin Mozzeronis
    Greece Location
    $15 $8 1.3 miles
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    50% Off Casual American Food at Greece/Penfield Hots
    Multiple Locations
    $20 $10 1.8 miles
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    50% Off Italian Food at Golden Ponds
    $20 $10 3.7 miles
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    Up to 52% Off SUV Winery Tour
    On Location
    $230 $115 5.1 miles
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    50% Off Family Dining at Ridgeview Family Restaurant
    $40 $20 5.1 miles
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    $6 for Comfort Food at Abbott's Downtown
    Central Business District
    $12 $6 5.6 miles
2496 Westridge Rd. Rochester, NY 14626


Bruegger's bagels are culled from fresh, wholesome ingredients and then kettle-boiled in the New York tradition, resulting in chewy centers with crisp outer crusts. Awaken your taste buds with a savory combination such as the asiago-parmesan bagel smothered with olive-pimiento cream cheese ($0.99 for bagel only, $2.29 with cream cheese). Or prove yourself to be a sweetie by adopting a family of six carb circles and washing them up and behind the ears in a tub of garden-veggie cream cheese ($7.89). Bruegger's deli menu is flanked by an array of breakfast sandwiches ($2.99–$6.79) and lunch fare; bury thoughts of the snarky snooze button with the spinach-and-cheddar-omelette sandwich, or defuse your lunchtime hunger siren with a signature sandwich ($5.69–$6.99) such as the herby turkey or roma roast beef.

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