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Rumford Gardener Expanding Hose

Vibrant hoses expand with water pressure and collapse to a compact size when not in use; designed to ward off kinks and knots

$34.95 $14.99

Dyson AM06 Table Fan or AM07 Tower Fan

Modern bladeless fans operate at a whisper quiet level and feature Air Multiplier Technology that produces a smooth, powerful airflow

$399.99 $179.99

87"x33" Heavy-Duty Waterproof Tall Heater Cover

Durable, waterproof heater covers protect outdoor patio heaters from rain and snow

$95 $24.99

Rolling Garden Work Scooter with Tool Tray

Durable scooter with wider wheels makes it easy for owners to work without stooping over and includes an organizing tool tray

$89.95 $27.99

Spring-Blooming Flower Bulbs

Bulbs planted in the fall blossom into irises, hyacinths, and other colorful flowers in the spring and early summer

$11.22 $8.99

16-Piece Furniture Sliders

On floors and carpets, even heavy, ungainly furniture glides easily around, letting you rearrange a room without straining your back

$24.38 $10.99

Silver Wall Clock With Hidden Safe

Stylish, working wall clock has a hidden safe compartment for storing cash, jewelry, and other valuables behind its face

$28 $11.99

Solar-Powered 3-Head Lamp Post and Planter

Styled like a classic lamp post, this set of lights charge during the day, then shines brightly with 12 LEDs as night falls

$149.99 $99.99

LED Closet Light System

Illuminate dark closets and cabinets in a snap with this adhesive lighting system, which includes four bright, long-lasting LEDs

$9.99 $7.99

Water-Resistant Lawn Mower Cover

Protective 150D water-resistant Oxford material helps prevent dirt, droppings, rain, and UV rays from damaging lawn mowers

$35.99 $17.99

Sienna Vibe Steam Mop

With just tap water, this lightweight mop purifies floors of dirt and bacteria with billows of superheated steam

$79.99 $49.99

Set of 4 Heavy-Duty Weatherproof 21.8Gal Storage Containers

Rugged containers seal out water and pests to keep their contents secure and clean during long-term storage or transport during bad weather

$164.99 $89.99

Bearded Iris Rhizome 4-Pack

Plant these four bareroot bearded iris rhizomes in the fall, which are guaranteed to grow for spring blooming

$42.95 $14.99

SVAT Wireless Driveway Alert System

Wireless motion detector system is weather resistant for outdoor use and can transmit signals to receivers up to 300 feet away

$99.99 $34.99

Fiskars EcoBin 75Gal. Collapsible Composter

Mesh walls, open bottom, and round shape create excellent conditions for rapidly breaking down organic matter into fertile compost

$72.88 $24.99

10-Pack of Daffodil Geraniums

Charming daffodil geraniums with multi-flowering clean white petals and orange cups; plant in beds or borders

$9.99 $7.99

Tabletop Patio Heaters

Tabletop heater casts a 3-foot heat radius with up to 11,000 BTU of power, so grilling and lounging outside are comfortable into autumn

$139.99 $94.99

3'x2' UrbMat Guided Garden Kit

UrbnMat guided gardens grows12 different types of herbs, vegetables, and flowers; easy-to-set up, sustainable, fits well in small spaces

$69 $49.99

3-Piece Telescoping Lawn and Garden Tool Set

Three garden tools—a hoe/fork, rake, and shovel—with telescoping fiberglass handles and black powder-coated heads

$36.49 $19.99

6-Pack of Magic Cleaning Eraser Sponge Melamine Foam Cleaner

Eco-friendly sponge effortlessly removes dirt, scuffs, and stains from walls, floors, and surfaces with just water

$15.99 $9.99

EZ Jet Water Cannon Garden Accessory

Garden accessory links up with hose and uses built-in soap dispenser to mix soap and fertilizer; 8 spray settings

$19.99 $14.99

Perfect Aire 1.3-Gallon Micro Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Small enough to fit atop dressers and nightstands, this humidifier helps relieve dry, cracked skin resulting from winter’s dry air

$59.99 $49.99

HotelSpa French Designer Collection 7-Setting Shower Heads

Luxurious shower heads create a spa-like experience with seven different settings and a sophisticated design

$40.75 $9.99

Spa Steps for LifeSmart Spas

These steps make it safer and easier to enter and exit the spa, thanks to a rugged design and non-slip safety tread

$158 $119.99

Arrow Outdoor Shed

Corrosion-resistant shed offers 520 cubic feet of storage, plenty for holding tools, deck furniture, a lawnmower, and more

$749 $619.99