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50% Off Laser Teeth-Whitening Treatments for One

The Collection by Narotique

Narotique, Inc.(12.9 miles)

Laser light activates a concentrated whitening gel to lift out stains and yellowing in about an hour

$100 $50

Up to 91% Off Dental Exams and Whitening

Affordable Family Services

Affordable Family Services(13.8 miles)

A skilled dentist examines, x-rays, and cleans teeth; whitening systems lift away stains from coffee, wine, and other substances

$335 $29

74% Off Teeth-Whitening Package

Stanton Dental Excellence

Stanton Dental Excellence(3.5 miles)

Zoom!’s light-activated gel brightens teeth up to eight shades in about an hour; custom take-home trays and gel

$399 $104

88% Off Advanced 3D Teeth-Whitening Kit and Lifetime Refills

Advanced Teeth Whitening USA

Fort Lauderdale(0.1 miles)

Peroxide technology works its way into breaking up stains and discoloration on teeth, whether in 15 minutes or overnight

$149 $18

65% Off Teeth-Whitening Treatment

Dermal~Care Esthetics & Wellness Centre

Dermal~Care Esthetics & Wellness Centre(17.2 miles)

Whitening gel and LED light work together to break down stains from coffee, smoking, and tea; teeth may appear up to 8 shades lighter

$199 $69

Up to 88% Off Dental Exam and Teeth Whitening

Premiere Dental Care Center

Multiple Locations(34.5 miles)

Dentists enlist hygienist assistance to examine, x-ray, and clean teeth to stave off decay; Venus whitening treatments brighten smiles

$345 $41

Up to 56% Off Laser Teeth Whitening

Glam Bar Miami

Glam Bar Miami(17.5 miles)

Laser teeth-whitening treatments get rid of stains and beautify smiles

$79 $39

Up to 83% Off a Dental Checkup and Whitening

Jerrold P. Gultz, D.D.S., P.A.

Delray Place Plaza(22.2 miles)

Dentist with three decades of experience tracks down and prevents decay and disease; whitening trays can brighten teeth by several shades

$350 $59

74% Off Teeth Whitening from Dr. Ronik Seecharan

Dr. Ronik Seecharan

Dr. Ronik Seecharan(16.9 miles)

Custom trays and bleaching solution transform chompers into a glistening white smile

$500 $129

Up to 54% Off at Le Chateau Medispa & Beauty

Le Chateau Medispa & Beauty

Le Chateau Medispa & Beauty(25.9 miles)

18-minute LED teeth-whitening sessions reveal whiter teeth without causing tooth sensitivity

$69 $34

68% Off In-Office Teeth Whitening

Prestege Wellness

Prestege Wellness & Aesthetics(5.2 miles)

In a relaxing environment with ocean sounds, salt lamps, and fragrant candles, patients undergo a whitening treatment that brightens teeth

$249 $79

Up to 90% Off Dental Exam

Beautiful Smiles Florida

Multiple Locations(16.1 miles)

Since 2003, the dentists and hygienists have been keeping the area’s teeth clean and healthy

$345 $34

Up to 77% Off Dental Checkup & Whitening

Boca Smiles Family Dentistry

Boca Smiles Family Dentistry(17.1 miles)

Dentist hunts down plaque and cavities; custom whitening trays bleach teeth at home

$215 $49

Up to 82% Off Dental Services at Confident Smile

Confident Smile

Confident Smile(5.6 miles)

Dr. Abir Massri helps patients get clean, white teeth and performs preventive care that helps teeth stay strong

$330 $59

87% Off Teeth-Whitening and Exam

Designer Family Dental

Multiple Locations(22.2 miles)

Zoom! uses a light-activated gel to brighten teeth as patrons sit in massage chairs with relaxing aromatherapy

$771 $99

Up to 56% Off Teeth-Whitening Sessions

Perfect Smiles by Smile Labs

Perfect Smiles by Smile Labs(26.1 miles)

An LED lamp activates a hydrogen peroxide and glycerine–based gel, whitening teeth two to seven shades within 15 minutes

$300 $139

87% Off Take-Home Teeth-Whitening Kit


Downtown Fort Lauderdale(0.1 miles)

Professional-grade bleaching gel and LED light erase unsightly stains; remineralizing gel strengthens enamel and reduces sensitivity

$199 $25

79% Off At-Home Teeth Whitening Treatment

Plantation Dentist - Max Arocha DMD

Max Arocha DMD(6.7 miles)

Pick up an at-home teeth whitening kit at the office and a team member there will teach you how to use it

$250 $52

69% Off Dental Services

Flamingo Dental Design

Flamingo Dental Design(13.6 miles)

Dentists examine teeth after techs snap x-rays and scour them

$120 $37 Sale Ends 5/7

Up to 66% Off Teeth-Whitening Treatments

GoBright Smiles

Shops at Skylake(12.3 miles)

Hydrogen peroxide gel activates under LED light to safely and effectively brighten grins during two or three consecutive 20-minute sessions

$129 $64

83% Off Premium Home Teeth-Whitening Kit


Home teeth-whitening kits include trays and free whitening gel refills for life; can whiten teeth up to 12 shades in one to two weeks

$175 $29

86% Off Teeth-Whitening Kit from Smile Kits

Smile Kits

Whitening kit uses LED light, mouth trays, and shade chart to brighten teeth; includes shipping to the lower 48

$169 $24

55% Off Teeth Whitening at Cosmetic by Laser

Cosmetic by Laser

Cosmetic by Laser(16.8 miles)

Double whitening session renders teeth brighter in one 30-minute visit

$220 $99

87% Off from Pro Smile Teeth Whitening

Pro Smile Teeth Whitening

Pro Smile Teeth Whitening(0.1 miles)

Custom-molded trays, all-natural whitening gel, and LED light work together to fight stains during 30–60-minute sessions

$199 $25

65% Off Take-Home Teeth Whitening

All Dentistry X Center

Pembroke Pines(17.5 miles)

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$99 $35

67% Off In-Office Teeth Whitening at ProDent Group

ProDent Group

Prodent Group(11.0 miles)

During quick session, dentist restores shine to teeth tarnished by coffee, wine, or tobacco

$249 $83

Up to 95% Off Teeth Whitening

East Broward Dental

East Broward Dental(0.8 miles)

In-office whitening brightens smiles and Invisalign straightens teeth with invisible retainers

$559 $95

50% Off Teeth Whitening at Image Medical Spa

Image Medical Spa

Fort Lauderdale(1.7 miles)

25-minute treatments combine hydrogen-peroxide gel with LED light to free teeth of stubborn stains

$125 $62

47% Off Teeth Whitening at GL Clinic

GL Clinic

Multiple Locations(17.4 miles)

Using the ShinaDent system, technicians harness LED light and a peroxide-based whitening gel to create a brighter smile

$179 $94

85% Off Custom Teeth Whitening

Marc H. Frankel, DDS

Dr. Marc Frankel, D.D.S.(9.5 miles)

After an exam and x-rays, customized whitening trays are created so that you can whiten your teeth at home

$585 $89