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      Up to 82% Off Lipotropic Vitamin B12 Injections

      Smooth Exposure

      McLean (8.6 miles)

      Lipotropic vitamin B12 injections include three amino acids that help the body produce more energy and break down more fats

      $250 $55

      Up to 73% Off Skin Rejuvenation

      Vivia Center for Cosmetic Therapy

      McLean (8.8 miles)

      Cutera ProWave rejuvenates skin by improving discoloration, sun damage, and fine lines

      $900 $299

      75% Off Fungus Removal on Two Feet

      Northern Virginia Wellness Center

      Northern Virginia Wellness Center (10.8 miles)

      One laser treatment helps to ban unsightly fungal infections from toenails,helping unmarred nails grow in over the following weeks

      $795 $199

      Up to 50% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

      Spine Center

      Herndon (19.3 miles)

      Laser treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart target unwanted ink and break it down so it may be naturally absorbed by the body over time

      $70 $35

      77% Off Three Laser Toenail-Fungus Treatments

      Greater Washington Advanced Podiatry

      Germantown (24.0 miles)

      Noninvasive treatment with minimal discomfort and no downtime eliminates fungus during 30-minute appointments

      $749 $169

      Up to 73% Off Laser Toenail Fungus Removal

      Home Feet Cares

      Hyattsville (5.4 miles)

      During a consultation, Dr. Andre learns more about fungal symptoms that she'll help relieve with a specially designed laser

      $600 $169

      Up to 75% Off Spider-Vein Therapy

      Northern Virginia Wellness Center

      Northern Virginia Wellness Center (10.8 miles)

      Non-invasive series of treatments helps erase the appearance of spider veins

      $395 $99

      Up to 72% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

      Ageless Beauty Skincare Clinic

      Ashburn (27.1 miles)

      A doctor wields an FDA-cleared laser to clear infections during a noninvasive treatment

      $500 $149

      Up to 84% Off Facial Spider-Vein Removal

      Northern Virginia Medical Skin Care

      Falls Church (8.0 miles)

      Laser noninvasively targets unwanted veins on the face, causing them to collapse and gradually fade

      $900 $149

      Half Off Upper-Eyelid Reduction

      Younger Image Plastic Surgery Center

      Multiple Locations (1.6 miles)

      Board-certified plastic surgeon adds youthfulness to eyes with tiny incisions in one-hour procedure

      $3,200 $1,599

      Up to 65% Off Laser Spider-Vein Treatments

      Anti Aging Laser Spa

      Vienna (12.2 miles)

      Lasers destroy visible blood vessels, causing the body to reabsorb them

      $190 $75

      Up to 89% Off Chiropractic Package

      Rockville Medical and Disc Center LLC

      North Bethesda-Rockville (12.4 miles)

      Consultation, evaluation, and x-rays identify areas of concern; follow-up appointment with adjustment, physical therapy, and hydro massage

      $697 $79

      Up to 77% Off Sclerotherapy Treatments

      Mountcastle Plastic Surgery & Vein Institute

      Multiple Locations (19.0 miles)

      Tiny injections of medicated solution cause spider veins to shrink and be absorbed by the body over the coming weeks and months

      $500 $125

      47% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

      Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal

      Arlington (6.0 miles)

      Q-switch laser breaks up pigment to erase tattoos, with Zimmer Cryo cooling system making the experience more comfortable

      $150 $79

      Up to 58% Off Custom Orthotics

      Soleful Orthotics and Footwear, LLC.

      Multiple Locations (1.8 miles)

      Foot specialists measure and analyze each client's feet before fabricating custom foot orthotics and insoles

      $380 $159

      Up to 46% Off Cryotherapy Treatments

      Help For Health

      Vienna (13.0 miles)

      Cryotherapy reduces inflammation and pain while boosting the metabolism to stimulate the body's natural healing processes

      $175 $99

      Up to 54% Off Liposuction

      Younger Image Plastic Surgery Center

      Multiple Locations (13.5 miles)

      A doctor sedates and numbs patients before removing fat deposits via liposuction, resulting in slimmer physiques and little downtime

      $2,500 $1,199

      Up to 53% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

      Modern Aesthetics

      Mount Vernon (12.7 miles)

      Certified laser specialist aims state-of-the-art CynoSure Q-Switched lasers at unwanted tattoos, erasing green, red, and other pigments

      $75 $35

      Up to 84% Off Massage

      Got Your Back Total Health

      Got Your Back (5.4 miles)

      With flowing or focused massage strokes, clients enjoy relief from everyday stresses or deep-seated aches during personalized session

      $435 $69

      Up to 66% Off Vaser Liposuction

      Body Sculpture Nova

      Vienna (11.1 miles)

      Dr. Palumbo slenderize bodies with minimally invasive Vaser liposuction that requires local anesthesia and minimal downtime

      $4,000 $1,499

      68% Off Sclerotherapy at Virginia Vein Care

      Virginia Vein Care

      Multiple Locations (11.2 miles)

      30-minute sclerotherapy session clears skin of spider veins with injected solution that breaks down blood vessel in as few as two months

      $375 $120

      Up to 62% Off Cold Laser Therapy

      Whole Health Medical Center

      Alexandria (9.2 miles)

      FDA-approved for treating carpal tunnel syndrome, the anti-inflammatory laser treatments can also reportedly improve back pain and arthritis

      $154 $59

      Up to 53% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

      Medical Cosmetic Enhancements

      Foggy Bottom - GWU - West End (1.7 miles)

      Zap away unwanted ink on up to 4 square inches of skin with the help of a Medlite Q-switch Nd:Yag laser

      $75 $35

      Up to 55% Off B12 Injections

      Surgical Arts of Virginia

      Falmouth (45.3 miles)

      Vitamin B12 boosts the healthy functioning of metabolisms and encourages a healthy nervous system

      $120 $54 Sale Ends 10/23

      Up to 60% Off Tattoo-Removal Sessions

      A Change of Art

      Elkridge (25.5 miles)

      Expert technicians break down tattoo ink on all skin types with gentle Q-switch lasers

      $149 $59

      Up to 53% Off at Healing, Change & Connection Therapy Services

      Healing, Change & Connection Therapy Services

      Dupont Circle (1.5 miles)

      After an initial consultation, a therapist works with individuals or couples during sessions

      $175 $85

      50% Off a Counseling Session

      Dr. April Mcdowell

      Silver Spring (7.3 miles)

      Dr. McDowell specializes in working with those feeling stuck or unhappy; clients discuss their current issues and life or relationship goals

      $130 $65

      57% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

      Gente Spa Laser Center

      Rosslyn (2.9 miles)

      Experts use laser technology to oust fungus from beneath toenails

      $350 $149

      67% Off Career Counseling at Metamorphosis Counseling

      Metamorphosis Counseling

      Central Rockville (13.3 miles)

      Clients gain insight into their career interests; a career counselor helps them align their resumé and job-searching strategies accordingly

      $300 $99

      Up to 87% Off Physical or Weight-Loss Package

      Chantilly Family Practice Center

      Chantilly (22.3 miles)

      Physical exams include cholesterol and blood sugar tests; weight-loss packages with custom diet plans, supplements, and B12 shots

      $200 $59

      Up to 67% Off Tattoo Removal


      Silver Spring (9.8 miles)

      Technicians use laser light to break down pigments, reducing or eliminating the appearance of unwanted tattoos

      $450 $199

      Up to 73% Off Vitamin B Max Injections

      Harmony In Health

      Alexandria (11.7 miles)

      B Vitamin cocktail aids with mood, weight loss, cognitive function, and overall wellness

      $140 $45

      Up to 95% Off B12 Injections

      My Anti Aging MD

      Fredericksburg (46.7 miles)

      Rejuvenation experts use vitamin B12 shots to boost metabolisms and promote energetic lifestyles

      $600 $33

      84% Off Hair Restoration

      Touch Of Class Hair Solutions

      Gaithersburg (21.0 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $650 $104

      Up to 68% Off Parent-Children Coaching Sessions

      Happy Parents, Happy Babies LLC

      One-hour sessions impart parenting skills and wisdom

      $170 $59

      Up to 58% Off Vasershape Body Contouring

      Potomac Facial Plastic Surgery

      Central Rockville (14.9 miles)

      Ultrasound energy helps shrink fat cells before a device using vacuum suction performs a lymphatic massage

      $750 $323 Sale Ends 10/23

      50% Off Food Sensitivity Testing Consult


      Aspen Hill (13.3 miles)

      The testing identifies how the body reacts to over 350 foods, chemicals, & herbs; reactions include digestive disorders, obesity, & diabetes

      $80 $40

      57% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

      Elysee 360 Concierge Med-Spa

      McLean (9.0 miles)

      Technicians use noninvasive laser light to eliminate fungus-causing pathogens beneath the nails

      $700 $299

      Up to 83% Off Diagnostic & Functional Health Assessment

      Roselle Center for Healing

      Fairfax (11.6 miles)

      Assessments include an allergy test, consultation, and exam; optional thermograph, bone-density screening, and acupuncture screening

      $275 $69

      Up to 66% Off Craniosacral Healing Sessions

      Relational Healing Arts LLC

      North Bethesda (11.2 miles)

      Liza Borodkin's craniosacral healing therapies help clients get in touch with themselves psychological & emotionally

      $145 $49

      Up to 88% Off Laser Nail-Fungus Removal

      James M. Hurst, D.P.M.

      Centreville (22.1 miles)

      Lasers zap toenail fungus at the root of the issue, helping eradicate the disease and nails grow in healthy

      $1,467 $179

      Up to 60% Off Laser Spider-Vein Treatments

      TLC Medispa

      Old Courthouse (11.1 miles)

      Laser light selectively targets unwanted spider veins, causing the body to reabsorb them within three to four weeks

      $250 $119

      55% Off Therapy - Physical / Physiotherapy

      Smaq Training

      Lake Arbor (10.2 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $110 $49

      Up to 94% Adjustment or Spinal Decompression at Spine Center

      Spine Center

      Herndon (19.3 miles)

      Spinal-decompression sessions aim to ease lower-back pain associated with disk herniation and degenerative disk disease

      $850 $49

      Up to 81% Off Laser Hair Restoration

      Giannotto Clinic

      Tysons Central 7 (11.2 miles)

      Doctor with 20+ years of experience helps restore thinning hair with the aid of low-level lasers

      $780 $199

      Up to Half Off Laser Spider Vein Treatment at McLean Laser Center

      McLean Laser Center

      McLean (8.8 miles)

      Laser technicians reduce the appearance of spider veins with advanced laser treatments

      $230 $119

      Up to 54% Off Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

      Crawford Podiatry & Aesthetics

      Silver Spring (7.4 miles)

      A laser penetrates the nail plate and zaps the fungus on the nail during the 30-minute treatment; no side effects or downtime

      $399 $199

      67% Off Cardiovascular Diagnostic Test

      Advanced Preventive Diagnostics, Inc

      Fairfax (15.2 miles)

      Diagnostic center promotes early detection and prevention of heart disease with the digital pulsewave analyzer

      $200 $66