Is the outdoor water play area operating?

Alice M.

Yes, the water table is in full operation. We actually just installed two new pumps. Come check it out!

Irene M.

So, just to make sure I’m clear … for $15 I can bring 1 adult and 3 children?

April M.

Yes Irene you are correct.


Emmanuelle B.

I am upset by this. We planned a day out today, Wednesday, and nowhere it said that it would only be usable on Thursday. So beyond upset!

bridgette z.

Our grandchildren went last year and had the time of their lives but fair warning PARENTS go well rested!

In the rules it does state that the Groupon’s are valid the day after you purchase them.

April M.

Emmanuelle— Lynn is correct please refer to the Universal Fine Print to read the information about redemption.


Bridgette—Thanks! Glad to see they enjoyed their visit to the museum. :D


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