I purchased this Groupon the last time Tamela offered it and I was thrilled with her work. She is a true professional and she takes terrific pictures! There are no hidden costs.

Valerie L.

Morning Tamela,

Would you be willing to travel to DC for a photo session (Mall Area – Capital Bldg, Lincoln Mem, Washington Moment)?


Rachel W.

I also purchased a groupon the last time around and used it for engagement photos. Both my fiance and I aren’t picture people, so we were a little nervous about the shoot. Tamela was a joy to work with and made the session fun. Our pictures turned out fabulous- we loved them so much she’s shooting our wedding in September. This is a great deal and I highly recommend her!

This sounds like a fabulous offer. Does anyone know if Tamela give permission to the buyer to print the photos from the electronic file and if so are they large enough files to print or small like thumbnails… OR are you required to purchase prints? Thank you!

Rachel W.

I think she actually gave us both- smaller resolution files to put on social networking websites, but also very high resolution to print. Tamela does give you the actual digital file, so you can print out and share as much as you want.

Thank you, Rachel! I didn’t expect such a fast reply. I assume that she also offers print packages for sale, if desired.

Two outfit changes = 2 outfits total, or 3 outfits total?

Miss B.

Also bought last year and am doing again. Tamela is a pleasure to work with and does a great job !!! I was so impressed; definitely THE BEST GROUPON I have ever purchased. Highly recommend.

Shelley P.

Ditto! Tamela is fantastic— friendly, down-to-earth, a natural! I bought two last year, used one for a family photo. She managed to get several shots where ALL of us look fabulous (no easy task). Even our toddler loved posing for her!

Will this offer count toward a family fotosession?

Purchased this Gropon last year as well and could not be happier. Tamee made the shoot fun and relaxing and did an amazing job digitally flairing the photos. It is a great deal!!!

Angela F.

I also will be buying again. The pictures of my dogs were soo cute. This time it’s my turn for pictures!

Jennifer L.

Tamee was a joy to work with and super with my small children (3 and 1). We purchased the last groupon and have since used her for family events and holiday photos! She is easy to work with, gets great shots – even better than I would expect – and makes the subject in photo look great!

Tamela K.

Good morning, Tamela here. Thank you very much for your kinds words everyone! What a wonderful experience meeting and photographing everyone who purchased last time. I can’t thank you enough!

Valerie- Coming to DC is a pleasure. I’m from DC and I love a chance to get back there for photos.

Emily-You can do 3 outfits, but I suggest 2.
30 minutes goes by pretty fast. To make the most of your session I suggest wearing a jacket or something on top and then taking it off to show a new look underneath…like a short sleeve shirt or dress. However, you can bring another completely different outfit if you like. Just best to start in the one you arrive in.

Daphne, Rachel, Rhonda and Lily- I’m handling digital files a little different this time around. With this Groupon deal I’m offering two different types of session at the same great price. However, I am sticking with the customary delivery of digital files in the industry. Which means for headshots you will receive the hi & low res files. For portraits you will receive low-res files perfect for sharing online with friends and family through email or social media sites. To order reprints and enlargements I will have your images posted to a personal online gallery. BEST part…I will be offering Groupon purchasers AMAZING deals on reprints. I’m offering boutique photography at mainstream prices. I will keep the deal working for you and ensure superb hi- quality reprints and enlargement that you will continue to treasure for a lifetime.

Elizabeth T.

wow, the description really should have said the files were not high-res printable files…I bought it based on the assumption that they were going to be big enough to print my own pics. Where can we see your prices for prints?

Vivian P.

Hi Tamela—would we be able to buy the hi res digital file (and for what price) if there’s a picture we’d like to have (to put on christmas cards, etc)?

Tamela K.

Hi Elizabeth & Vivian- I’m putting together package deals for Groupon purchasers. Digital file prices start at $25 per. Print packages start will start at $49 includes (1) 8×10 & (2) 5×7′s


Will the groupon work for a baby newborn session?

Lauren B.

What is the resolution of the low resolution images? Could they be used to print 4×6 or 5×7 photos?

Tamela K.

Hi Geoffrey- This deal is perfect for newborn sessions.

Hi Lauren- The low-res images are best for electronic sharing not printing.


Thanks Tamela! How much would it cost to go over the 30 minute session for newborn session?

Hi Tamela,
I was looking for a photographer in the Baltimore area so your deal comes right on time. I am 27 weeks pregnant and would like to take body shots. Can I use this deal? Do you have time in your schedule within the next 8 weeks?


Do you have a studio that we can do the session in? Or must it be done at our own location.

Carla W.

We have 9 for a famly photo 6 adults and 3 kids is that ok and do you come to Pasadena 21122?

Elizabeth T.

FWIW, you are not going to be able to get many good newbonr shots in 30 minutes. We went to a great photographer who specializes in newborns in Towson and we didn’t even get started for like 20 minutes because it takes a while to get the baby settled and relaxed enough for the photos and there are lots of breaks in between while you feed and calm baby. All the photographers who do newborns as a specialty that I have seen say it takes at least two hours. I would not want to rush a newborn session into 30 minutes.

yvonne e.

Tamela, do you have a studio where I can pose?

Tamela K.

Hi Geoffry- (2) 30 minutes would be perfect for a newborn session.

Hi Genevieve- Yes, this session is great for maternity pictures. I am flexible in the next 8 weeks.

Hi Jen C- With this deal I’m offering hi-res images at $25 per and print packages starting at $49 for (1) 8×10 & (2) 5×7′s

Hi Elizabeth T- I agree, new born sessions are much more suited for at least 60 minutes. In which case you could purchase 2 Groupons of this deal. It’s also a great benefit that I do the sessions in your own home where you have all you baby needs right there.

Hi Yvonne & Brooke- Studio space is available for an additional $25 per 30 minutes. However, I do have many awesome location spots and I’m always up for new suggestions. On location shoots are so great for fresh creativity!

I too am wondering about this hi-res situation. I was planning on having the freedom to print as often as I’d like…the Groupon description was very deceiving This means there IS in fact hidden costs.

Johane Y.

I purchased a session last year and was very happy with my engagement pictures. She suggested a great park and used special effects to make the flowers in my pictures pop “fall foliage.”
For anyone who is looking for engagement or other pictures: have you shopped around? Other photographers start at $200-300. Tamee is great and worth every penny. We even tipped her.

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