Andrea W.

Does this include windex and vacuuming the interior of the vehicle?

bonnie f.

do they do the inside of the car?

C W.

Is dressing for the tires included?

from the looks of the website, the “Super Wash” does not include tire dressing.

Alex Z.

Hi Folks! This is Alex – from Groupon – I just want to answer some of your questions.

Andrea and Bonnie, this deal includes vacuuming of the interiors, dusting of the center console, cleaning of the door jams, as well as hand cleaning all of the windows (inside and out).

C W. – Unfortunately, this deal does not include tire dressing, but if you would like you can request the tire dressing for an extra $4.00.

Thanks for all of the great questions!


Can the groupon be used as a $25.99 credit towards a more expensive package, such as the Executive Gold Wash? (In other words, just pay the cashier an additional $6 with the groupon to get the Executive Gold Wash?)

Tower C.

Thanks Everyone for the outstanding response on our Great special…

@ Mary, yes if you take groupon deal your value will still be taken as 25.99 and can be upgraded to any higher package.


What is Tower’s capacity? In terms of the number of vehicles they can simultaneously work on at one time.

Herb Y.

Does this apply to full size SUV? Or is there an extra cost?

C W.

Used my Groupon this morning…..windows smeared..same old crappy job that’s only worth 13.00.

Tower C.

@ Herb Y.; there is no extra charge for SUV with this awesome deal! @ Curtis W. Friday & Saturday’s are the busiest days of the week, and 11am-3pm are typically the busiest hours. @ CW. Whenever I recieve a comment that our service was poor I go out of my way to ensure our customers are taken care of. I would like to think we are always performing at a high standard, however once in a while something happens to impact our quality. Please contact myself, Robert, 415-558-9274, and allow me an opprutunity to will make this right with you.

victor l.

Quick question.

I have BMW M3 with 19 inch wheels and is lowered. Will car wash scrape my wheels/rip my bumper off. Because many car washes place decline to wash my car because it is not compatible with the machine.

Tower C.

@ Victor; The minimum clearance is 6 inches; the maximum tire width is 11 1/2 inches including sidewalls and or spoke accessories. If your vehicle does not fit these dimentsions, we offer a offline custom hand wash service.

Tower C.

As Rod Roddy would of said “Come in down”; we have a first come first serve policy.

victor l.

That is a bummer. I don’t think my car have enough clearance.

C W.
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UPDATE************************************************* After my comment about the smeared windows I was requested to call Tower Car Wash…Spoke with assistant mgr. Louis and he wants to make things right. Also, he seemed very concerned about customer satisfaction. Per his request I will be taking my car back for a re-wash and will report the outcome.

James H.

Been here several times over the years and they always do a good enough job. Just came back from Tahoe last month and car was filthy. They pretty much finished clean and dry and showed them areas still with dirt. The boss asked to run it thru the wash again no questions asked and supervised and made sure they washed all the dirt. You can also usually get 25 cents off per gallon when you get a wash!

Deborah P.

Are you open on Sunday?

Tower C.

@ Deborah P.; We’re open everyday of the week 7:30am-7:00pm!

C W.

As per the manager I took my car back last week for a rewash at no charge. to me. Tower Car Wash did a great job the 2nd time Thank You!

Juli M.

The cashier tried to charge an extra 1.50 dls because it was an over-sized vehicle? I brought a minivan, and I paid it but was not happy with it. Then when the cashier was not busy i asked her to point out as to why the extra charge. she said that it was on the fine print, i asked her to reproduce and point me to where it said that. She couldn’t, there is absolutely nowhere that states this on any fine print, and brought the manager to talk to me because she did not want to argue with me, he said to her that Groupon vouchers do not have to pay this extra fee and refunded me, she kept asking the manager if he was sure, and mentioned that they have been charging this extra fee to people. I told them both that it was wrong to do that. If you are one of those persons that paid this extra fee, you should go back and get your money back. I can only think of, out of almost 9000 vouchers sold, how much money out of this unfair practice they could make. WRONG!! I still have couple of vouchers, i hope that I don’t have to go through this again.

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