Andrea K.

Does travel have to originate in Chicago? Can the roundtrip originate in Sand Francisco?

Jennifer K.

Can two people by the deal and use them in one transaction? (i.e. one person buys the airline tickets for both people?)

Can this be used on a flight that has already been purchased, if it fits within the other parameters?

I am flying to SFO next week, and bought my ticket a few months ago.

Melanie B.

I just called Virgin and the agent checked with someone and then told me that the flight can originate in San Francisco (or LA). So I bought it…..hope she is right!

It would be great if someone at Groupon could confirm this!

Bo H.

Hi guys,

This WILL work in those other markets for flights originating in SFO and LA.

Also, Dustin, not valid towards already purchased flights and can only use one code at a time when purchasing the actual airline tix.

Bo from Groupon

Can this credit be used in conjunction with a two-for-one ticket voucher (from Virgin America’s Facebook contest earlier this month)?

I have a 2 for 1 code already. Since this is more of a gift certificate than a promo code, can they be used together? Also, Can this be used for one leg of a trip from CHI to Las Vegas?

Lillian D.

Can it be used in conjunction with the 20% off voucher, which was also from a recent Virgin America contest?

Hildy R.

Dear Groupon, Since it says ont he highlights introductory rate of $278 for roun dtrip rate – does this mean since we bought groupon worth of $100 – do we need to pay the remaining $178? Please reply – or if anybody knows please advise. Thanks.

Vinita S.

Can this groupon be used for travel from SFO to other destinations such as Boston?

kayla l.

Hi. can this groupon be used to for round trip flight from Lax to San Fran? please let me know before i purchase

Marie L.

My husband and I each have a groupon account. If we each buy the deal, can we use them both when booking travel for a family of 4 (in one transaction)?

Christina G.

I called Virgin too and was told it could originate in SFO or LAX. So I bought one too. I hope she was right and I hope Groupon can confirm this too so I didn’t just waste $25!

Frany W.

do the roundtrip dates have to be between 6/1-6/15 or 9/6-10/27? or can it be that the departing flight be between those dates and the returning flight be a date outside the specified? (ie. it would work for a round trip flight dated 6/1 – 7/3? ) please advise..thank you!

Natalie R.

Along with others, I’d like to know if this can be applied in conjunction with the 2-for-1 ticket LAX>CHI obtained from Virgin America for their Chicago contest earlier this month…?

Karen S.

I purchased one for myself and wanted to also get one for a gift, so I initiated a second transaction for the gift, but error message says “only exactly 1 allowed,” huh?

Can we fly from Dallas to SF on this deal?

According to Virgin America’s chat support:

“The Groupon Promo code is only for roundtrip flights with ONE person on them. originating from Chicago and flying to San Francisco International Airport or Los Angeles International Airport. It must be booked by June 30th for travel between June 1 – June 15, 2011 or Sept 6 – Oct 27, 2011. There is a 7 day advance purchase requirement. It is only good for Main Cabin non-refundable seats.”

Virgin’s disclosure regarding the groupon doesn’t mention anything about the flight having to originate in Chicago. It says flights between SF-Chi and LAX and Chi………no mention of flight origination.

Hildy R.

Dear Groupon, I need to know if the purchased amount is the only charges (aside of course from taxes and other fess) or we need to add $178 for the total value of $278? please help – I want to purchase one now but I wanted to make sure.

According to Virgin America’s Chat support:

“You can only use one groupon per reservation. So you will have to book on separate reservations.”


Can this be used on travel from Chicago to SFO for checking in bags?

Natalie R.

Okay everyone, just called Virgin America and the customer service rep said you may NOT use more than one promo at a time. So if you have a 2-for-1 promo code, you will NOT be able to use the Groupon deal. Bummer!

Jacob M.

Groupon & Virgin America Rep,

Can you please respond to Frany W’s question from about an hour ago. Wondering the same thing.

Can you the departing flight falling in the designated dates & the return flight falling outside the designated dates (ie fly SFO-CHI 6/14 & return CHI-SFO 6/21)?

Please advise, thanks.

Janice H.

Can you depart between 6/1 – 6/15 but return during the “blackout” period or does the entire trip have to occur within the available weeks?

Jacob M.

Everybody commenting should read this first, pretty much answers everyone’s questions. I just read through it & it answered my question.


Janice H.

Thanks. I clicked on Fine Print and FAQ before I posted my question but did not come across that. thanks for posting it.

Jill V.

Christopher, Lilian, Natalie R. — I’m afraid it’s limited to just one promo code allowed per booking.

Too J. — No, I’m sorry — both promotions are promo codes. The Groupon can only be used on roundtrip flights to SFO or LAX.

Hildy — Yes, if you purchase the Groupon, you would pay the remaining amount of $178 if you were to book our sale fare. Please know, however, that those fares are subject to availability.

Vinita and HousonDeals — No, sorry. The Groupon is only for ORD to SFO or LAX.

Kayla and Christina G. — Yes, confirmed.

Marie — The Groupon can only be used on an itinerary of 1 person. And there is a limit of one Groupon per person.

Frany — Sorry, both legs of the travel must be between those dates.

Karen S. — Yes, just one Groupon can be purchased per person.

Okay, just chatted with them again:

Me : i was told this morning that it was only valid for flights originating from chicago
Lyndsay: That is correct
Me : but that is not stated anywhere here: http://www.groupon.com/pages/virgin-america-san-francisco
Me : there’s no reference on this page to originating city
Lyndsay: If it works for a different city then I say go ahead and use it but what we were advised is that travel must start in O’Hare International Airport
Me : well i don’t know if it will work for a different city! that’s why i’m asking you guys
Me : so you’re saying you don’t know
Lyndsay: I have to say no, because we have been told multiple times it is only good for travel that starts in O’Hare International Airport
Me : ok
Me : thank you!


Please confirm: If booked by 6/30, orgination/destination criteria met, travel dates met, will the price be $278 – groupon ($100 value).

Kathy D.

I just called Virgin. and she says it works both ways since it is for a roundtrip deal anyways!

Natalia H.

So, ONCE AND FOR ALL: Can someone from Groupon confirm that this deal could be used toward flights originating from SFO or LAX? Yes or No. Thanks!

I need to book a flight leaving Chi on 6/10 and returning on 6/20.. will this work since my return flight is out of the range?

Unbelievable. I purchased this in the morning, then got a refund after Virgin America told me the originating city had to be Chicago. Then Groupon finally emailed me back and contradicted this.

And now the deal is sold out. Awesome.

Janice P.

Please let me know if anyone finds out that it can be used on either flying from San Francisco or on a ticket already purchased.



Groupon’s & Virgin America’s fine print on their websites say you can’t use your Groupon promo til May 26th 12:01 PDT & you must have a 7 day advance purchase. If you purchase a ticket for a June 1st outbound travel date, you will not have a 7 day advance purchase. How can Virgin America offer a beginning travel date of June 1st when it doesn’t comply with the advance 7 day purchase rules? Please confirm if the 7 day advance purchase will be waived for effective dates less than 7 days from May 26th 12:01 PDT.

Megan F.

@Kayla – the groupon cannot be used for round trip from LAX to SF.

Megan at Groupon

Virgin America/Groupon:

I bought one of these Groupons and applied it to a one-way reservation and just realized that I only got $50 off instead of $100, and I can’t use the code again to get the other $50 off… this doesn’t seem right!

How do I apply the Groupon ($100 credit) to a flight from CHI>SFO?

Jose A.

I’m booking my flight from Chicago to San Francisco departing September 23rd and returning the 26th but when I applied the promo code however I put dashes or no dashes, it continues to say that it can’t seem to find this promo code. Please help.

When you first go to the website, on the search flight screen, at the bottom is a “Promo code” enter the 8 digit promotional code on the bottom of the groupon. Then search your flights. It will show you reduced fair options for the flights (i.e., instead of $139 it shows as $85 or something similar). Then just go through the steps.

Nikkie H.

I know I’m way late on this, but I am trying to use this Groupon but it won’t work on the Virgin America website. I tried it on the first page where it asks for a promotional code (it says it’s not found) and then when I check out there is gift certificate area, which it doesn’t work there.

Since it expires on Thursday, and the Virgin website has been down off and on for the last several weeks I am anxious to use it before it expires.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Noelle B.

Anybody looking to sell their Virgin America Groupon?


i have two voucher and willing to sell it. text me at 630 343-9351

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