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Little Engineers fosters children's natural curiosity by engaging them with age-appropriate programs that introduce youngsters to the possibilities of careers in science- and math-oriented fields such as engineering, technology, and robotics. To promote this mindset of education being cool, Little Engineers offers project-driven learning programs in technology, engineering, robotics, and the arts for children in three age categories: Pre-Engineers (3-5), Jr-Engineers (5-8), Sr-Engineers (8-12).

Programs hone problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and teamwork through hands-on activities that use instructional software and building materials to explore concepts such as how forces affect motion and how to recognize patterns. Younger visitors may spend their time learning the basics of data collection or using gears, levers, and pulleys to accomplish simple tasks. For older attendees, the staff can introduce the fundamentals of software programming or even help groups design and build autonomous robots with self-aware artificial intelligence. The center also hosts birthday parties.

10110 SW Nimbus Ave. Suite B-8