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  • Serene Oasis Chiropractic and Acupuncture
    Chiropractor and owner of Serene Oasis Dr. Katherine Van Dyke redirects rogue energies with 4,000-year-old acupuncture techniques. Each 60-minute full-body session begins with peaceful zen music that tickles clients’ cochleae as they recline and let worries melt away like timepieces in a Dalí painting. Next, Dr. Van Dyke inserts fine, single-use needles into strategic areas, such as the ear, neck, and back. The placement of the needles can address a variety of conditions, including addictions, indigestion, back pain, and fear of needles. During each session, many patients report little sensation or only slight discomfort, which typically fades once the needle is inserted into the skin. Afterwards, clients may feel energized or relaxed as their newly unblocked chi stretches its legs. Clients can learn more about the session and acupuncture in general by perusing Serene Oasis's frequently asked questions page.
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    801 N Main St
    Boerne, TX US
  • Tupper Chiropractic and Massage Therapy
    For more than a decade, Dr. Chris Tupper has dispatched a team of experienced therapists to tend to disgruntled sinews with Swedish- and therapeutic-massage techniques. During each 60-minute Swedish massage session, specialists permeate nostrils with ambrosial aromatherapy treatments featuring Young Living essential oils. Warm towels swaddle spines to encourage relaxation before therapists employ kneading motions, long strokes, deep circular motions, and gentle tapping to soften stressed muscles, calm anxious souls, and jostle lackadaisical skeletons out of their power naps. Alternatively, 55-minute therapeutic massage sessions apply firmer pressure and myofascial-release techniques, which alleviate muscle pain, spasms, and inflammation and give tendons and ligaments a place to vent their grievances.
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    635 Highway 46
    Boerne, TX US
  • Hahn Chiropractic and Wellness
    Author, yoga teacher, and Phoenix Rising therapist Rose Hahn facilitates healing of the body, mind, and spirit in one-on-one yoga-therapy sessions. Over the course of 90 minutes, Hahn guides each client through relaxing poses drawn from the yoga tradition and ideas from humanistic psychology theory. Suitable for both seasoned yogis and those who've yet to locate an ancillary eye, the gentle postures awaken muscles and prepare the mind for experiences more intense than licking a wasabi popsicle. Guests learn to identify the physical impact of emotional stressors, discovering how fear elevates their heart rates and corporate training videos move them to tears. In the process, they develop a new relationship with stress, embracing its power to motivate while jilting its ugly side effects.
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    32635 US Highway 281 N
    Bulverde, TX US
  • Back To Life Chiropractic
    After getting rear-ended by a car driving around 55 miles per hour, Michelle Krenek escaped the car accident mostly unscathed, but didn’t feel like her normal self. While struggling to get a restful night of sleep, the energetic high-school teacher and basketball coach began waking up with intense headaches, pain in her neck, and fatigue. Michelle was skeptical when she took her friend's advice to visit a chiropractic office, but soon became amazed at the results after only a handful of visits. Not only was she completely relieved of pain, but she was also sleeping soundly at night and feeling rejuvenated by her newfound energy. Michelle’s first visits to the chiropractic office inspired her to shift career paths and pursue her childhood dream of becoming a doctor. After graduating with honors from Parker College of Chiropractic and earning her license, Dr. Michelle Krenek opened Back To Life Chiropractic in 2010. Committed to improving clients' overall well-being and relieving chronic pain, Dr. Krenek and her team of therapists supplement their customized chiropractic and massage therapy with suggestions for at-home exercises and stretches. They also advise clients on vitamin supplements and healthy foods, and warn against unhealthy nutritional habits, such as drinking too much caffeine or eating dog treats deceptively shaped like bacon. Occasionally, Dr. Michelle can be spotted discussing the clinic's chiropractic care and wellness services on Great Day San Antonio.
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    21518 BLANCO RD STE 105