Circus in Brunswick

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Snakes slither in glass display cases, and lizards wriggle in the hands of trained handlers as they're held up in full view of a curious crowd. This is the scene as one of Repticon's presenters educates attendees on the biology, behavior, and typing speeds of exotic cold-blooded creatures at one of the year-round shows held in cities across the country. Reptile and amphibian breeders, scholars, and handlers engage audiences in lectures and demonstrations in the midst of live reptile exhibits, family activities, and displays for exotic-pet supplies. Presentations may focus on the genetics of large snake species, the specifics of exotic-pet care, and the effect that tiny hats have on the image of arachnids such as tarantulas, scorpions, and spiders.

12000 Alumni Dr.

For eight generations, the Zerbini family has awed audiences with spectacular performances of daring athletic feats, amazing tricks, and debonair entertainers under the striped awning of the classic big top. As families settle into Bluffton's massive 1,500-seat arena, newly built to accommodate roaring crowds, a spectacular sound system, and giant campers that don't fit in standard tents, Ringmaster Casual Cal steps to the center of the ring to warm up his emcee chops. Aerialists in dazzling costumes twirl high above the audience, paying dividends on delighted applause with increasingly risky tricks, and stunt maestros perform uncanny exploits, such as getting a troupe of clowns to take separate cars. Friendly animal tamers play the straight man to a menagerie of agile dogs, majestic American buffalo, and bulbous camels. Although not included in this Groupon, families can linger at the circus to enjoy pony or camel rides, munch concessions, or slip down the ship slide.

155 Buck Island Road