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Founded by Chief Master William Clark, Karate America is a popular martial-arts school that believes martial arts can make people happier and healthier. With locations around Florida, Karate America is staffed by highly trained instructors teaching children and adults the self-defense moves of tae kwon do, krav maga, and kickboxing. While training in a team-like atmosphere in each of these classes, members learn self-discipline and respect, gain lean muscle, and burn calories.

556 Atlantic Blvd
Neptune Beach,

The grappling fighting style known as jujitsu first came to Brazil in 1914 stored in the hands and mind of Mitsuyo Maeda, a Japanese immigrant and master of the art. He only stayed a year, but it was enough time to plant the seeds for a new jujitsu academy in Brazil. One of the first students at that academy was Hélio Gracie.

Hélio absorbed the fighting style quickly, adapting many of the techniques to suit his small frame. He discovered methods of leverage that allowed him to execute joint locks, choke holds, and takedowns on much larger opponents, forming the core of his new Gracie jujitsu method. Ultimately, Hélio's son Royce brought the fighting style to America, famously winning UFC 1, 2, and 4 by defeating opponents many times his own size. Suddenly, Americans lined up to learn this newly unveiled Brazilian fighting style, demonstrating their eagerness by folding themselves inside a box and shipping themselves south.

Relson Gracie, Hélio's second oldest son, chose to be an ambassador of his family's fighting style. He was already teaching abroad when his little brother Royce skyrocketed Brazilian jujitsu to popularity. He founded his first school under the name Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in Hawaii, and as the art became popular, he opened new branches of his academy all across the United States. Today, he visits more than 40 academies and associations, sharing his knowledge with thousands of students. In his absence, he leaves instructors whom he personally trained to oversee the education of aspiring fighters.

50 S Dixie Hwy
Saint Augustine,

Jacksonville Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's certified Gracie Jiu-Jitsu instructor, Larry Shealy, focuses on leverage, timing, and technique—giving men and women of all ages the ability to physically overpower attackers and crazed lawn ornaments, regardless of their size. Brazilian jiu-jitsu also tones the body, dispels stress, and boosts confidence in a safe, respectful environment. In Women’s Self-Defense, simulated street situations teach ladies how to avoid physical confrontations by setting verbal and physical boundaries⎯as well as how to defend themselves if their attempts at cartography fail. Muay Thai kickboxing, also known as "the science of eight limbs" or "octopusology," boosts mental focus and physical fitness for no-holds-barred riddle contests and wedding-dress fittings. Child and adolescent specialist Robyn J. A. Silverman bully-proofs kids ages 4–14 with rock-solid values and soaring self-esteem in the popular Kid-Jitsu program. Check the Jacksonville Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schedule for dates and times.

1475 Atlantic Boulevard
Neptune Beach,

Business Basics

Signature service: Muay Thai Kickboxing & MMA Fitness
Established: 2011
Reservations/Appointments: Optional
Staff Size: 2–10 people
Average Duration of Services: 1–2 hours
Pro Tip: Wear comfortable clothing and any shoes that you can easily slip on and off, we train barefoot.

1301 Monument Road., Suites 14&15

Established: 2009
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Staff Size: 2–10 people
Parking: Parking lot
Reservations/Appointments: Recommended
Pro Tip: Bring two shirts; you're going to sweat!

8570 Philips Hwy

Martial Arts is the one the best and most effective ways to build self discipline, self confidence, hand eye coordination, balance, weight loss, and personal defense. Sport Kung Fu Academy of Jacksonville offers a variety of membership options to better serve YOU! All memberships are month-to-month with NO CONTRACTS.

8535 Baymeadows Rd