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Sushi N Thai, which is open daily, brims with staff ready to adorn tables with steaming dishes of crispy, sauce-slathered thai duck ($17) or other classic Thai or Japanese dishes from its extensive dinner menu. The Beauty and the Beast roll ($10) sets tuna and eel, the star-crossed lovers of the marine world, in an ensemble of scallions, avocado, asparagus, and masago. Drunken noodles ($12) sway eaters into the slippery embrace of mixed vegetables, basil, and rice noodles sautéed with egg, and the kake udon ($10) dunks broccoli and black mushrooms in a hot bath of japanese wheat noodles. Thai curries ($13–$17), like traffic lights in heaven, can be summoned in red, green, or yellow varieties at the customer's whim.

14443 Miramar Pkwy

Ninja's Asian Tavern delights savor sectors with a refreshing menu of Korean and Japanese fusion cuisine that includes an epic sushi bar bedecked with a bevy of vibrant nigiri, maki, and sashimi options. Lance a fresh appetizer of assorted sashimi ($10) with chopsticks before treating tummies to a chromatically dazzling Kanisu cucumber-skin roll stuffed with a choice of salmon, tuna, crabstick, eel, or the memoirs of a grizzled fisherman ($9.50). Combo plates advocating sashimi and sushi matrimony include the Chirashi which adorns a bowl of sushi rice with assorted fish-stuffed flavor tubes ($20), and the Three Musketeers, which gathers a merry band of tuna, california, and salmon rolls for a swashbuckling assault on unsuspecting taste buds ($12). Ninja's dimly lit interior boasts private party rooms, karaoke, and sleek modern décor adorned with jagged Japanese characters, glowing orbs hanging from the ceiling, and televisions tuned to the latest in sumo swing-dancing competitions.

15352 NW 79th Ct
Miami Lakes,

Beneath the colorful toques on their heads, hibachi chefs flip and sauté meat and vegetables on their tabletop grills, smiling as they conjure the occasional bursts of flame during lively cooking routines. That’s just one scene at SooWoo Japanese Steakhouse—across the restaurant, sushi chefs slice ribbons of fish and vegetables and roll them into California and spicy tuna rolls. Basketball fans can celebrate the city’s 2012 NBA championship with the specialty Miami Heat roll, which includes slices of shrimp tempura, crab, and cream cheese. SooWoo also whips up Korean dishes, such as bulgogi and pork belly.

18283 Pines Blvd
Pembroke Pines,

Sushi Mentai’s cooks evoke authentic flavors from Japan and Thailand with freshly made entrees, such as teriyaki chicken, Thai-style fried rice, and panang curry. At a visible workstation, meanwhile, sushi chefs slice and dice fresh seafood into 28 different types of sushi and hand rolls before topping them off with spicy mayo, cream cheese, or fresh vegetables. During the afternoon hours, they stuff bento boxes with a four-piece california roll, gyoza, and edamame for lunch on the go.

Sushi Mentai’s authentic Asian touches don’t stop with the food, though. Traditional red paper lanterns hover above wooden booths, illuminating cups of hot green tea or glinting off decorative statues of Buddha.

2100 N University Dr
Pembroke Pines,

The chefs at Asia Bay Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar wrap crab, avocado, and masago inside paper-thin slivers of cucumber to create Naruto maki, just one of many offerings from the eatery's sushi bar. Along with Japanese sushi and sashimi, the menu spans other parts of Asia with red curry lobster, pad thai noodles, and mango and kani salad, which is sure to inspire the level of health necessary to run a marathon in scuba flippers.

1007 Kane Concourse
Bay Harbor Islands,

Yakko-San: A User's Guide

Sushi Bar | Award-Winning Japanese Cuisine | Hot Pot Dishes | Local Seafood | Late-Night Happy Hour
Sample Menu
  • Appetizer: crispy bok choy with a garlic-soy dressing
  • Sushi: Hamachi Tataki Jalapeño roll with eel, avocado, and tempura flakes
  • Entree: tofu steak topped with sautéed onions and mushrooms
  • Drink: choose from the selection of midrange and premium sakes
Vocab Lesson
Bok choy: this vegetable looks like a thick stalk of celery with a white stem and large, green leaves; it's also known as chinese white cabbage.
Nabemono: Japanese meals that are cooked in a pot of broth or oil at your table. These one-pot meals are usually placed in the center of the table and eaten family-style.

Inside Tips
  • If you want one of the nabemono meals—sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, or yosenabe—you'll need to make a reservation a day in advance, as the restaurant needs time to order the ingredients.
  • For an affordable nightcap, head to the Yakko-San's nightly happy hour (11 p.m.–3 a.m.). Pair the drink with an order of kimchi pork, which Esquire magazine called one of the best late-night dishes in the country.
  • There's plenty on the menu to satisfy vegetarians, including tofu and eggplant in miso sauce, vegetable tempura, and a meat-free sushi roll.
If You Can’t Make It, Try This: If you want faster service, including takeout and delivery, head to Yakko-San's sister restaurant, Hiro's Sushi Express (17048 W. Dixie Highway).

3881 NE 163rd St
North Miami Beach,