Batting Cages in Charleston

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At East Coast Baseball Academy, bats crush pitches from deadeye Iron Mike machines, and spectators cheer heartily from bleacher seats. As batters step up to the plate in one of the four turf-lined cages, an extended silence segues into the whoosh of baseballs or softballs from the pitching cannon, and the sturdy nets lining the cages safeguard patrons from the wallop of line drives and the muddy paws of off-leash mascots. Beneath soaring ceilings, strike-smashing abilities continue to develop despite pouring rain or the tantrums of Jack Frost. In the facility's lounge area, a television and PlayStation system serenade proud parents, coaches, and bat sharpeners as they rest.

1012 Saint Andrews Boulevard

Island Miniature Golf and Games entices guests with a full mini-golf course and multiperson batting cage. Send golf balls along the winding 18-hole course, which is divided by red brick and pale stone enclosures and a pond spouting three fountains. Batters can smack oncoming baseballs within the large, square batting cage, which traps outbound home runs inside its enclosed walls and netted roof. One token prods one of the three pitching machines to lob 14 balls and one pie toward the batsperson.

7890 US Highway 80 E