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Frontline CrossFit?s certified instructors each cherish different movements: the clean and jerk, overhead squat, and anything gymnastics, respectively. Through challenging yet rewarding workouts, the trio leverages its ample experience?from training soldiers to studying krav maga?to help students exceed personal goals, regardless of their physical fitness level. They design regimens of plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, and kettlebell workouts to help their pupils lift, sweat, lunge, and flex their way to glory, all with the support of a community of like-minded athletes. CrossFit's system of universal scalability and high-intensity workouts helps practitioners from all backgrounds look and feel their best, whether they're sedentary office workers or have physically demanding jobs such as soldier, firefighter, or tugboat.

21 Nealy Blvd.

Though anyone can learn how to dance, it doesn’t hurt to have 30 years of experience when attempting to teach others the smooth spins and the coordinated sashays of ballroom dancing. That’s why students flock to the classes of Nancy Tullo, the gold-certified instructor at Tullo Ballroom. She uses her years of experience in both the competition and classroom settings to help couples prepare for their first dance, perfect the moves of students learning for a new hobby, or help clients get in shape in a fun, social setting. Clients can choose their desired class setting, be it one-on-one time during private sessions or with other beginners in group or social party classes. Classes can cover the basics of ballroom classics such as the fox trot and the waltz or more modern dances such as the merengue, the swing, and trying to get the Kick Me sign off your back.

324 State Rt 24

At The Basement Circuit Training, certified personal trainer Greg Cephas spurs clients to strive for their fitness goals through personal and group fitness sessions. Boot-camp classes incorporate exercises that use kettlebells, weights, and tires, helping to improve strength and power.

100 Naamans Road Suite 5G

For Master Michael S. Celona, practicing martial arts isn’t a hobby or some weekend-warrior pursuit. A fourth-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do, Michael has devoted more than twenty years to the study of martial arts as a student, championship competitor, and teacher. At Revolution Martial Arts Institute, a supportive and positive environment offers the perfect setting for classes that emphasize proper form as well as the mind-body connection. Instructors also lead fitness-kickboxing classes, where students sculpt their bodies through a blistering assault of punches, roundhouse kicks, and attempts to snatch oxygen molecules out of the air.

625 S. Chester Rd