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Much of Arizona remains unchanged from the days when cowboys and their dinosaur steeds ruled the desert plains. Millions of acres of lush trees still blanket the Coconino National Forest, growing up over mountains in defiance of the desert's red rocks.

The horseback guides at Pot A Gold Adventures call each of these majestic landscapes home. Each day, they lead groups from three different stables: Hitchin' Post Stables, Pot A Gold Stables, and Mountain Ranch Stables. From here, they depart on two-hour adventures through deserts and forests. On some of these trips, they might stop to build a fire and cook dinners of steak, potatoes, and beans (the cookout dinner may be added to the Groupon for an additional fee.)

Lemonade and iced tea replace cowboy food during the spring and summer. The wagons are drawn on rubber wheels to make the ride as smooth as possible so guests can enjoy the views as well as the horses, as they are nearly as beautiful as the surrounding landscape. Pot A Gold Adventures' trainers raise most of the purebred Quarter and Paint horses almost from birth.

18970 E Old Sycamore Rd

Sweet. Smoky. Spicy. Sloppy. Good barbecue can be a lot of things, but at A Smokin' Good Time, only one dish gets to claim the title Best Barbecue. Guests can enjoy two full days of saucy barbecue, drink samples, and live music. Funds raised through the festivities go to support the Coalition for Compassion and Justice, a non-profit dedicated to poverty relief.

3201 North Main Street
Prescott Valley,