House Cleaning in Choctaw

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  • Scott Cleaners
    A local, family-owned staple for more than 45 years, Scott Cleaners employs friendly garment guardians that continuously commit themselves to professional, affordable services and tidy textiles. The cleaners are capable of de-peanutbuttering nearly any garment, whether it be a shirt ($4.75), blouse ($4.75), pair of slacks ($4), or fatigue pants ($4.30) and fatigue shirt ($2.79) needed for a paintball-themed wedding. In addition to clothing, the sanitary soldiers can defend the royalty of linens by supplying a thorough, kingdom-worthy primping to comforters and bedspreads of the queen-size ($23.57), king-size ($26.36), and duke of double-bed ($21.42) varieties. The knowledgeable staff at any location can provide same-day service.
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    11815 S Western Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK US
  • Maid Pro
    Three hours of house cleaning polishes any homestead sullied with discarded soda cans, tumbleweeds of cat hair, and an increasingly feral population of white-cheeked gibbons. MaidPro is staffed with professionally trained employees who have all passed background checks, so they're fully certified to handle a filthy hearth and home. In fact, all houses are cleaned on a standard 49-point checklist, ensuring that no surface will remain dusty, no incriminating fingerprints will stain the balustrade, and no spigot will be left unturned. These grime-gutting go-getters use their own chemicals and cleaning supplies to scour every room that can be tackled in a three-hour window. If for some reason you're not satisfied with the job done, call the office within a 24-hour window, and they'll return to re-clean the afflicted area for free.
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    12802 E 31st St
    Tulsa, OK US
  • Turfworks
    TurfWorks is a full-care lawn service staffed by experienced professionals who live in the communities they serve, giving them valuable insider knowledge on how to best treat their clients' lawns. Wrangle wiry weeds into submission with the TurfWorks spray service, or renovate greenery with a full lawn-care maintenance package. The latter option, which is good for two lawn cuts, includes trimming, mowing, and more, all designed to get lawns into shipshape without the hassle of moving into an Astroturf-trimmed houseboat. All services are applicable for lots up to a quarter of an acre. The experts at TurfWorks know the soil and vegetation of the Oklahoma City area and utilize their wisdom to treat such area-specific issues as foreign vegetation, insects, and shifty-eyed, grass-chewing neighbors.
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    207 E Harmon Dr
    Midwest City, OK US
  • Locally Maid
    Locally Maid's dedicated cleaners keep houses and commercial spaces sparkling by scouring surfaces for any signs of dirt, dust, or grime. They can mop or vacuum floors, wipe down ceiling fans, scrub sinks and faucets, clean windows, wash dishes, dust hard-to-reach areas, and even organize drawers depending on homeowners' or business owners' needs. The cleaners can also perform specialty tasks, such as dusting the customer's collection of cleaning supplies.
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    6209 Northwest 132nd Street
    Oklahoma City, OK US
  • Junk Boss
    Junk Boss spirits away old couches, mattresses, televisions, and other unwanted items, leaving clean floorspace in place of clutter. The Oklahoma-owned and operated company also recycles up to 50% of the junk they remove.
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    2941 Brush Creek Rd
    Oklahoma City, OK US
  • A-1 Restoration
    A-1 Restoration's sanitizing crews de-grime homes by cleaning carpets, air ducts, and upholstery. During carpet cleanings, an experienced tech wields a high-pressure steam cleaner to refresh fibers and revitalize home walkways. Technicians can also deep-clean air ducts, using high-powered vacuums to slurp up a contingent of built-up crud and missing socks. The system's rotating brush and video-inspection device enhance the machine’s gunk-eliminating prowess while helping A-1 Restoration follow the standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.
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    14700 Metro Plaza Boulevard
    Edmond, OK US