Mexican Restaurants in Evanston

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Patrick Bowling and John Kimzey conspire with nearby farmers to concoct the locally sourced dishes—all imaginative interpretations of Latin fare—that populate Poco a Poco’s brunch and dinner menus. Dinner entrees include “The” cheeseburger ($14), which upgrades a classic formula by fashioning a heaping, house-ground beef patty in tomato confit, grilled onions, and aromatic Thai basil and mint. The pork-belly-laden puerco tacos ($9) arrive at tables accompanied by helpings of slaw and lime crema made at home, like counterfeit money, and the vegetales tacos ($9) fill herbivorious bellies. Though not included in this Groupon, the chef’s specialty is a whole roasted suckling pig, large enough to feed up to 22 people and perfect for extended-family gatherings or settling a tied soccer match with a suckling-pig-eating contest.

2724 Erie Ave