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Whitening Fast’s skilled technicians wield a specialized gel and LED light to brighten blemished bicuspids up to eight shades. During the 20-minute advanced treatment, an experienced aid provides a tray and clients bite down to coat molars in a whitening formula and fit them with a special mouthpiece that leaves teeth exposed. Once blue light from an LED lamp activates the gel, the release of hydroxyl radicals helps to speed the breakup of stains and Hollywood romances between actors who aren’t dentists, but play ones on TV. All of the whitening products do not damage tooth enamel and are safe to use with crowns, veneers, or bridges.

401 E Sherman Ave
Coeur D Alene,

Alumni of the American Academy of Nail Technology opened Traci & Charli's in 2009. Kari Wilkinson, one of nine skilled stylists on the Traci & Charli's staff, honed her skills at the Tony and Guy Hairdressing Academy, and uses those skills to help transform clients' hair into lustrous manes with cuts, color treatments, and conditioning.

1130 West Hayden Avenue

Dr. Scott Johnson believes the best treatment is prevention, and so he looks at every single tooth on his patients’ sweet shark tattoos before examining the patients’ mouths to hunt down decay and gum disease. Afterward, he prevents future enamel damage with fluoride treatments and educates patients on proper brushing and flossing. But even though the dentist stresses preventive treatment, he's fully prepared to deal with dental miscues. Natural-colored fillings repair cavities, and dental implants replace missing teeth altogether. Patients can also spruce up their smiles with Zoom whitening treatments or conceal cracks behind porcelain veneers.

1296 E Polston Ave, Suite A
Post Falls,