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  • Jungle Cat Fitness
    Jungle Cat Fitness's trainers help clients to achieve their physical fitness goals with dynamic, 60-minute boot-camp workouts. Through the course of five-week sessions, the enthusiastic trainers lead campers in a variety of exercises including kickboxing, circuit training, and core work to carve lean and toned physiques, leaving previous body doubles unemployed. The ever-rotating exercise lineup staves off boredom and keeps muscles from becoming accustomed to repetition, which can render workouts ineffective. Before launching into a program, participants undergo a health evaluation with a trainer, who then places them into a camp suited to their needs based on their overall fitness level and any current or previous injuries. Those seeking one-on-one sessions can opt for a personal-training package, working toward their fitness goals with fully tailored routines and undivided attention.
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    250 S Park Dr
    Collinswood, NJ US
  • Dig Deep South Jersey
    The trainers at Dig Deep South Jersey specialize in teaching one workout: the high-intensity Insanity regimen. Unlike traditional interval training, the Insanity program asks students to work at full intensity for three- to five-minute intervals, allowing only periodic breaks to let them catch their breath. Plyometric exercises form the core of the regimen's workout, so each 50-minute class will typically consist of time spent squatting, jumping, lunging, running in place, and rapidly blinking. Although the classes are demanding, modifications are available for virtually every exercise, which means that students of all fitness levels can attend and complete the workout at a pace and intensity that prove challenging, yet doable. Over time, visitors will get comfortable pushing themselves harder as they steadily increase their strength and stamina.
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    107 Haddon Ave
    Westmont, NJ US
  • CrossFit Cetro
    Every day, the certified trainers at CrossFit Cetro guide students through a different Workout of the Day. Based on CrossFit’s philosophy of varied, functional fitness, these workouts often blend disciplines such as cardio, weightlifting, strength training, gymnastics, and plyometrics. In the CrossFit Cetro gym, which is equipped more like a fitness playground, athletes might perform squats and rowing one day and dips on suspended rings the next. No matter the workout, trainers believe that each client’s needs are the same as a professional athlete's; the only difference is intensity and volume, which they can scale for each individual’s fitness level.
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    22 Haddon Ave.
    Haddon Township, NJ US
  • Vitality Fitness
    Vitality Fitness is a personal training facility in Collingswood, dedicated to helping its clients burn calories and tone muscle with regimented exercise program. At this functional studio, certified instructors lead small classes of16 people or less through intense cardio stationary bike workouts, paired with constantly changing lights and music. Guests can also try a CardioFit or Fat Blaster Boot Camp class to turn up the intensity of regular workout routines.
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    712 Haddon Avenue
    Collingswood, NJ US
  • represents a conglomeration of schools from all around the world, including locations in America, Japan, Singapore, and the Dominican Republic. They focus on high-quality training from different disciplines of martial arts that range from kenpo karate to capoeira and taekwondo. Each school combines the art of kicking with the basis of Western boxing to create devastating combinations that use every limb.
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    Mission MMA
    Westmont, NJ US