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A ultra-luxury sedan rolls up to the curb. The driver steps to the side and opens the door for you. For you. "What's that?" you say. "You're here to take me away? Wherever I want?" He nods. But not a frustrated one?a smiling nod, one that indicates that you're the one in charge today. Perhaps he even gives you a thumbs-up. So you slide in. Look at all this. These aren't just power windows. These are practically bay windows?in a car. This seat is a recliner. You're lounging in a limo, watching a seat-mounted TV, conducting business in a mobile office, and pretending your tablet contains the nuclear codes.

This is one of the most high-end experiences offered by Everything Executive. The transportation company provides rides for jet-setting business travelers, vacationers, and average joes looking for a hassle-free trip to the airport or a glitzy way to arrive at a special event. Its sleek sedans and SUVs are often seen pulling up to airport terminals, while specialty luxury vans and the aforementioned rolling suites often deliver passengers to weekend mountain retreats.

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