Massage in Council Bluffs

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Prairie Lane

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A licensed massage therapist with more than 8 years' experience evaporates tension from muscles; a steam detox helps the body release toxins

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West Omaha

$350 $49

Warm stones gently soothe muscles during a 60-minute massage; doctor discusses issues and potential treatment options during a consultation

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A massage therapist melts tension with long, gliding strokes and pampers toenails with optional pedicure

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Licensed massage therapists soothe achy muscles with a variety of massage modalities

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North Central Omaha

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A chiropractor examines the client's spine, posture, and nervous system; a massage therapist kneads away knots and tension

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Benson Gardens

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Body scrubs with pure ingredients can eradicate impurities and dead skin cells for a healthy glow; massages ease tension and relieve stress

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Relaxing therapeutic massage or soothing fitness therapy massage eases aches and pains

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Massage with exfoliating facial or oxygen facial, which refreshes skin with enzymes and plant stem cells

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Indian Village

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Licensed massage therapist with 20 years of experience performs massages and foot therapy in tune with clients' comfort levels

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Eve a Salon & Spa

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Massage therapist eases chronic tension with massage customized to client needs; prenatal massage for expecting mothers

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Exam and x-rays scout for spinal misalignments to be amended by adjustments

Up to 59% Off Massage


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Massager uses electrical nerve stimulation technology to ease pain

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Sara Stoddard, the licensed massage therapist at Compassionate Wellness, combines Thai bodywork and traditional deep-tissue massage to deliver relaxation and healing to stressed sinews and muscles. The treatment begins with a oneness blessing that is said to allow for a transfer of energy by touch, intensify awareness, and pardon a lifetime of sneezes. Patrons recline upon a futon-like floor mat as oils soothe the back, neck, and feet, and stretches and passive yoga positions boost flexibility and bloodflow. Rhythmic compressions both relieve tension and release caged endorphins back into the wild. Patients should wear comfortable slacks, such as workout pants or cashmere Zubaz, and upper-body coverage will be provided for ladies.

1732 Madison Avenue
Council Bluffs,

Licensed massage therapist Gordon Hitchcock enlists his expertise in eight massage therapies to tailor full-body rubdowns to specific client concerns. The tissue tenderizer employs the long and flowing strokes of a Swedish massage to melt stress and soothe aches, and utilizes deep-tissue kneads to scuba dive into muscles to unbundle aching knots and unearth swallowed treasure chests. For clients with specific pain, the therapist may employ trigger-point therapy or customized sports techniques. Clogged lymph nodes can release their pent-up tension and toxins during a manual lymphatic-drainage treatment. After the rubdown, clients may reap the rewards of reduced stress levels and lither limbs that enable them to reach the highest kitchen cabinet or finally pet the family giraffe on its head.

139 Benton Street
Council Bluffs,

Inside Salon Extasy's distinctive black and lime-green interior, staffers draw from more than 30 years of combined experience when designing cuts or taming manes with thermal straightening. To do so, they rely on high-quality products from lines such as Paul Mitchell, Bed Head, and Nioxin.

But for all their hairstyling savvy, the beauty experts attend to more than just the area above the hairline. Aestheticians vacate follicles with waxing services and refresh skin with facials. Elsewhere, massage therapists dissolve tension with hot stones, exfoliation, or their bare hands.

2711 E Kanesville Blvd
Council Bluffs,

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping classes combine cardio, resistance training, discipline, and nutrition to recast soft musculatures as hardened versions of their former selves. Refined over the last 22 years by tae kwon do competitor and teacher Lance Farrell, the 45-minute group classes are led by a certified instructor that will help shed pounds and build muscle mass regardless of race, sex, age, size, or astrological sign. Similar to the mating ritual of the blue-footed booby, fitness kickboxing combines rhythmic martial arts and bag training, to send hearts racing into a vigorous sweat. Keep the body guessing with a pop quizzes in resistance-band training and muscle isolation, which is beneficial for all fitness levels.

18101 R Plaza

For more than 30 years, the chiropractors at Davis Chiropractic Wellness Center have used their advanced training and several adjustment techniques to bring patients' health into balance. Doctor of Chiropractic Alfred Davis Jr. completed 400 hours of postdoctoral training in the treatment of sports injuries, and is a diplomat of both the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians and the American Academy of Pain Management. He is certified to perform manipulation under anesthesia, and has worked on the medical staff of two area hospitals. Doctor of Chiropractic Katherine Raymondi specializes in physiotherapy and is fluent in Spanish, which helps her to educate more people via the center's community outreach program.

Supported by their dedicated staff, the chiropractors align spines with various techniques, such as the Activator method, which realigns vertebrae with a mallet, and the computerized ProAdjuster method, which analyzes spinal waveforms to make ultra-precise adjustments. The technology was actually used by NASA to test the integrity of ceramic cooling tiles on spaceships as well as by civil engineers to test metal fatigue in aircraft, making it especially perfect for adjusting the spines of cyborg patients.

13479 W Center Rd

Under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Schrage, the crew at Schrage Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Massage navigate the energetic pathways of the body to electrify clients' vital systems. An electronic meridian imaging (EMI) scan assesses the equilibrium of the body's energy to calibrate the best approach for restoring balance. During the half-hour acupuncture session, the client reclines as hair-thin needles plunge beneath skin surfaces to redirect the flow of corporal chi, or vital energy, uprooting blockages and filling in potholes. Redirected energy flow may improve respiratory and neurological conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, and sense of direction when lost in a large suburban mall.

1710 N 144th St