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offers a selection of ales, wines, martinis and other spirits exclusive to the restaurant and found nowhere else in northeast Ohio.

Wooden floors, burgundy walls and soft lighting create a warm, candid space to share a meal with friends.

Paragon is an American neighborhood restaurant and bar

21920 Lake Shore Blvd

Nestled within the Cuyahoga County Airport, J B Milano's casual dining room entices travelers with maroon cloth napkins and burgundy leather chairs stippled in brass studs. Tabletop lamps throw light on exposed white brick walls and tablecloths sewn from pages of SkyMall. To pair with these decorative trimmings, JB Milano's dishes out homemade Italian fare from a menu of classic recipes.

Grumbling stomachs silence with comforting plates of pastas or withering stares from open-faced prime-rib sandwiches on toasted rye. Veal and fish filets arrive enveloped in savory breading and topped with such ingredients as artichoke hearts, capers, and delicate wine sauces. Hearty steak dishes, meanwhile, arrive at tables artfully arranged on sparkling white plates.

355 Richmond Rd

If Dave and Deborah?s kitchen was large enough, they would just have everyone come to their home. Instead, they opened The Greek House Grille, and cook home-style meals made from scratch for the masses. Their culinary tastes span from Greek-influenced gyros and souvlaki to classic American meatloaf and burgers. French fries cut by the chef?s own hands join bowls of soup and chili as sides to pork chops and sandwiches.

29325 Euclid Ave.