Medical in Fort Drum

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  • King's Town Chiropractic
    Dr. Paul Given and Dr. Sheldon Cook of King's Town Chiropractic employ spine-tuning savvy to help calibrate off-kilter physiques with chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. Sessions kick off with a consultation that allows patients to point out aches and pains, followed by a thermal scan to detect misaligned spines and spot frayed nervous systems. Like a radiographic paparazzo, an x-ray stealthily captures images of eye-eluding bones to help the chiropractors identify wayward discs intent on imitating Pangaea's drift. Once bodyscapes have been thoroughly scrutinized, a report detailing the exam's findings is whipped up along with a plan for treatment designed to help alleviate individual ailments including headaches and sciatica. Chiropractic adjustments then unsnarl tangled spines, gently coaxing errant vertebrae back into place to help restore suppleness to over-taxed dorsal planes. Alternatively, acupuncture treatments utilize strategically placed needles to deflate tension and imbue bodies with a sense of balance and tranquility. Patients emerge from sessions feeling as relaxed and agile as a cheetah raking a zen garden.
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    1111 Princess St
    Kingston, ON CA
  • Viola European Esthetics Studio
    Viola's European Esthetics Studio chases a single, simple mission?to make clients feel better. With a 20-year industry veteran and staff beautician Violetta Dudek at its helm, the studio performs an extensive list of rejuvenating services, including deep-cleansing facials, Japanese manicures, eyelash extensions, and electrolysis. Each begins with a consultation in order to tailor treatment to the client's needs, and the studio can even use a high-resolution computer skin analyzer to pinpoint collagen quality and check skin for spyware. Electrolysis sessions vary in duration based on the client's needs, with a single session lasting a minimum of 10 minutes.
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    175 Princess Street
    Kingston, ON CA
  • Canadian Decompression and Pain Center
    Canadian Decompression and Pain Center—which has more than 20 locations throughout the country—is an established network of clinics that harness multi-disciplinary techniques to alleviate patients’ chronic pain. The centres’ doctors specialize in modern neuro-decompression therapy, which enlists a high-tech, computerized table that pulls and decompresses the spine to restore it to it's natural, petrified snake shape. The apparatus helps reduce pressure on degenerated and bulging discs into which essential nutrients stream in to naturally repair any damage. Staff members tailor treatment regimens and stethoscope colours according to each patient’s unique health history, and draw on further chiropractic methods to vanquish such discomforts as headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. Available services vary by location, but many locales boast an on-site medical spa that bolsters health with aesthetic treatments such as laser hair-removal and microdermabrasion.
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    2437 Princess Street
    Kingston, ON CA
  • Back N Touch Wellness Center
    The chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists who make up Back N Touch Wellness Center’s core staff share an appreciation for holistic remedies and an understanding that no two bodies are alike. These mutual tenets form the basis for all of the center’s personalized treatments, which cater to patients ailing from body aches, migraines, pregnancy side effects, and the lingering effects of mechanical-bull rides. Chiropractors combine hand and instrument adjustments with flexion and drop-table equipment to straighten crooked vertebrae, and massage therapists manipulate muscle fibers with 11 different modalities. Acupuncturists rely on the ancient principles of Chinese medicine as they insert hair-thin needles at the body’s trigger points, stimulating natural healing responses and popping the balloons at convivial toxin get-togethers.
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    6800 E Genesee St,Ste 1000
    Fayetteville, NY US
  • Maria's Lash Out Salon
    The color blue comes in many shades, be it periwinkle, powder blue, or baby blue. Should you name a shade of blue, there's a good chance that color graces the walls of MLO Salon. In an effort to channel the calming, peaceful feeling of water, trickling streams, and leaky faucets that drip to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," MLO’s owner, Maria Orbinati, latched onto a blue color palette and never looked back. The end result was a calming, modern feel—yet one set in elegant relief by Greek columns and arches. Almost as an homage to the décor, the staff performs a deep hydration facial to mitigate wrinkles with a hyaluronic system. But this relaxing environment serves as an ideal locale for spa services beyond just facials; the team also renders hair, makeup, and nail treatments.
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    6257 State Route 31
    Cicero, NY US
  • DeRoberts Plastic Surgery
    Drawing on more than 3,800 procedures, Dr. Dean DeRoberts administers facial and bodily refinements with a keen eye and steady hand. His feature-enhancing procedures includes forehead lifts, nose surgery, tummy tucks, and liposuction treatments as well as less invasive treatments such as facials, Botox injections, and laser hair removal.
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    4850 Broad Road
    Syracuse, NY US