Japanese Restaurants in Graham

$22 for Japanese Dinner or Lunch for Two or More at Osaka Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar ($40 Value)

Osaka Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar


$40 $22

At the bar, sushi specialists expertly slice fresh fish and vegetables, and from the kitchen tempura and teriyaki favorites emerge

Two Entrees and One Sushi Roll, or $13 for $20 Worth of Japanese Food at Katana Japanese Fusion

Katana Japanese Fusion


$38 $19

Sushi chefs build traditional and specialty rolls using fresh ingredients; combo plates include paired proteins

$10 for $20 Worth of Hibachi or Sushi at Kimono Japanese Restaurant

Kimono Japanese Restaurant


$20 $10

Chefs create specialty sushi rolls and hibachi meals of seafood or chicken paired with veggies and rice

Japanese Cuisine at Tsunami Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar (40% Off). Two Options Available.

Tsunami Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar


$30 $18

Combination steak and seafood dinners, hibachi meals, and maki rolls and sashimi

Hibachi or Sushi Meal for Two or Four at Kyjo’s Japanese, Thai, and Sushi Bar (Up to 75% Off)

Kyjo’s Japanese, Thai and Sushi Bar


$23 $13

Chicken and steak sizzle on hibachis as chefs roll sushi and mix multicolored curries with meat and bamboo strips

Japanese Cuisine for Two or Four at TK Sushi (Half Off)

TK Sushi


$20 $10

Friendly staff serves sushi and other Japanese cuisine including hibachi steak entrees and spicy shrimp

Sushi and Japanese Cuisine at Tokyo Japanese Seafood & Steakhouse (Half Off). Two Options Available.

Tokyo Japanese Seafood & Steakhouse


$40 $20


Hibachi steaks, tokyo shrimp kabobs, and sushi rolls fashioned from fresh seafood and vegetables

Sushi and Japanese Food at Sushi @ the Lake (38% Off). Two Options Available.

Sushi @ the Lake


$40 $25


While noshing on specialty maki rolls or hibachi dinners, patrons watch sports on one of seven TVs or sit at a sushi bar to observe chefs

Sushi and Hibachi-Style Japanese Cuisine at Fujimi Sushi and Japanese Steak House (Up to 44% Off)

Fujimi Sushi and Japanese Steak House


$25 $14

Chefs sear filet mignon and lobster tails on a hibachi grill and roll sushi with fatty tuna, salmon, and scallops

$22 for $40 Worth of Japanese Lunch or Dinner for Two at Osaka Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar

Osaka Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar


$40 $22


Pairs share inventive rolls crafted to be as delicious as they are artfully displayed, drizzled in savory sauces or fried in crisp tempura

$30 for $40 Worth of Sushi and Japanese Food at Red Ginger

Red Ginger


$40 $30


Japanese steakhouse with classic hibachi entrees, like filet mignon, and specialty sushi, with ingredients such as BBQ eel

Hibachi and Sushi at Tsuki House Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar (Up to 50% Off). Two Options Available.

Tsuki House Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar


$30 $15


Specialty sushi rolls come wrapped in seaweed, cucumber, and soybean paper; Japanese entrees include seafood teriyaki and chicken katsu

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Working behind the sushi bar at Bonsai Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, the team of sushi chefs wraps up and arranges more than 100 types of flavorful opuses. Volcano rolls mimic a blooming flower, decorated with spirals of sauce and petals of ginger garnishes, whereas sushi and sashimi combinations adorn the tiny tiers of wooden boats. The components of the pieces are just as inventive as their presentation. For example, the Tornado roll—one of 29 maki specialties—cocoons spicy tuna, cream cheese, jalapeños, and pineapple inside a tempura shell.

The kitchen's hibachi chefs, on the other hand, appreciate the aesthetic of well-seared meat. They grill salmon, steak, scallops, and chicken as part of made-to-order, multi-course entrees, all of which arrive with ginger or mustard sauce, meant for spilling on shirts. The traditional Japanese meals match the spirit of the surrounding decor: colorful parasols, pictures, and even fabric kimonos hang from the walls, and paper lanterns cast a cozy glow over tabletops.

1315 Bridford Pkwy

Chef Young Lim has spent the last 20 years slicing red snapper and crab into bite-size pieces, and tucking shrimp tempura, asparagus, and spicy tuna into sushi rolls. Some of his creations offer an extra crunch, such as the crispy roll, a deep-fried agglomeration of salmon, hamachi, maguro, and avocado. For a heat-kissed meal, chefs toss shrimp atop the hibachi grill and glaze chicken with teriyaki sauce.

4630 W Market St

Archira Thai and Sushi's kitchen staff boasts several Thailand natives, who dedicate their efforts to reflecting the modern, 21st century culinary offerings of Thailand and Southeast Asia. An extensive menu sports classics such as pad thai, where stir fried rice noodles set the stage for an ensemble cast of chicken, bean sprouts, egg, peppered Nathan Lane, and crushed, roasted peanuts ($12). Archira's crispy duckling layers a crispy, honey-roasted bird atop a vegetal bed of bell pepper, onion, carrot, and fresh basil glazed with a sautéed garlic chili sauce ($18). Cast a net around the caterpillar roll—a tightly wrapped union of eel and cucumber with avocado, shrimp, and unagi sauce ($12). The spider roll catches unsuspecting tongues in its web of soft-shell crab and avocado ($11).

2110 Environ Way
Chapel Hill,

Mt Fuji is the original Asian Bistro and sushi restaurant in the triangle. Located in a revamped Bightleaf Square. Mt fuji is a unique blend of old class and new chic from t private Tatami room; Patio seating; DJ's spinning trendy;classic wine and drink listings; wide screen TVs; trendy liquor bar offer unlimited cocktails

905 W Main St

The exquisitely wrought paper lanterns hanging over each fast food-style booth reflects Tokyo Express’ blend of Japanese hibachi-style dishes with American-style convenience. Whether tongues are tingling for taste of sea, sky, earth, or Middle-earth, the Tokyo Express menu prepares a range of flavor-fusing feasts using a charcoal hibachi grill. Kick off the meal with a sampling of spring rolls ($0.89 each), each packed with the crispy-fried flavors of April, before chopstick-surfing a saucy sea of shrimp soba noodles ($6.99). Otherwise, tuck into a teriyaki chicken ($5.49) or steak ($6.49)—or combine fish and fowl into a dish capable of clucking underwater with the chicken and shrimp combo and an electrical storm ($9.49). All main dishes come with a choice of vegetables and are served over a bowl of fried rice and sweet carrots, with shrimp sauce to drizzle on top or resell to mermaids as a moisturizer.

3225 Guess Rd

Taste of Asia's menu focuses on Japanese cuisine, with the occasional sprinkle of Thai influence. The grill sizzles beneath slabs of miso salmon, hibachi dishes, or chicken teriyaki, while bubbling fryers help coat shrimp tempura in a crisp outer layer. Sushi chefs combine a variety of piscine elements to create sushi such as the 12-piece Earthquake roll, which tops a core of spicy salmon with a trio of tuna, whitefish, and avocado on top.

Patrons can gather around regular tables or at traditional low tables where diners sit cross-legged or kneel during their meal, which makes it easier to knight each other with chopsticks. As the relaxing powers of sake cocktails set in, diners can gaze upon a screen painted with kimono-wearing women or a TV at the bar.

3793 Samet Dr
High Point,