Charity & Grassroots in Horsham

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  • Abington Art Center
    For many galleries, art is something that resides behind a velvet rope, separated and unaccessible to its viewers. For the curators of Abington Art Center, it is something to be experienced, enjoyed, and, above all, created oneself. Located on the 27-acre expanse of Alverthorpe Manor, the center hosts classes and workshops for students of all ages and exhibitions of community artists. The outdoor Sculpture Park captures the center's sense of playful creation, inviting sculptors to craft their own temporary installations each year—this also helps erase the temptation to carve a mustache into a nearby town's statue of its mayor. The guest artists are encouraged to have their creations respond to the nature around them, such as massive faces carved from tree trunks. Inside the mansion, one can find galleries of young creators and solo exhibitions by professional artists.
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    515 Meetinghouse Rd
    Jenkintown, PA US
  • Special Equestrians
    As clients enter the Special Equestrians barn or engage in unmounted therapy work, they are greeted by Suzie, a 24-year-old shetland mare. Suzie is the organization's smallest pony, and while she is no longer able to do mounted work, she still engages in unmounted therapy and has become an ambassador for the organization. While Special Equestrians endeavors to keep lesson and events costs down for its clients, the organization struggles to cover the costs of hay, grain, and general horse care. As Suzie ages, her health problems and increasing medical expenses make caring for her financially difficult. Special Equestrians is in need of additional funding to continue to keep Suzie healthy with food, dental care, and health supplements.
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    2800 Street Rd
    Warrington, PA US
  • Doylestown School of Rock
    With more than a decade of successful experience teaching music, School of Rock is the national leader in music education for kids from age 7 to 18. Students learn from professional musicians in an interactive environment combining weekly private lessons and structured group rehearsals with the ultimate goal of performing l
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    135 S Main St
    Doylestown, PA US
  • Saac Indian Valley
    With machines set up in rows to encourage competition, many ordinary gyms cater to men's bodies and psychology, right down to the urinals that were "accidentally" installed in the women's locker room. At Curves, you'll move around a circuit of hydraulic resistance machines that have been designed to work with women's bodies and promote weight loss, protect against osteoporosis, and deal with arthritis. An experienced trainer is always nearby to help manage your machine maneuvering and your muscle making. Instead of fiddling with weight stacks and losing your momentum, the hydraulic machines use your body weight and fitness level to create resistance that matches your abilities, decreasing the risk of soreness or injury. Because traditional lift-and-lower motions create bulky muscles, each machine uses push-and-pull motions to create toned, lean muscles perfect for crushing a grapefruit without looking like you can.
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    259 N 2nd St
    Souderton, PA US
  • LuLu Shriners
    Earning a rating of 46.4/50 skulls on HauntWorld, LuLu’s House of Horrors’ live cast of sinister denizens sends chills down voyagers’ spines as they move through woods, a haunted house, and a creepy cornfield. Hoary rays of moonlight peak through the tree line as guests begin their paranormal journey by boarding a wagon that takes them creakily through the forest, halted periodically by shadowy wayfarers and undertakers who need their hearse’s battery jumped. The wagon drops the group off at a cemetery, where they tiptoe over restless graves before arriving at the doorstep to a haunted house with hair-raising ghouls at every turn. Once they have passed through the depraved domicile, guests step aboard the wagon again, which winds through another forest and lets patrons off at the entry to a haunted corn maze, their leafy escape route to salvation.
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    5140 Butler Pike
    Plymouth Meeting, PA US
  • Sevani Beauty
    Sevani is a unique holistic skin care system that blends the most advanced natural ingredients along with the latest scientific research for the highest performing beauty products possible. Our luxurious formulas capture the vibrant living force of pure plant essences to protect, nourish and transform your skin in just a fe
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    PO Box 975
    Conshohocken, PA US