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More than 200 of The Painted Pig's bone-white, clay-skinned bisque items await the adoring strokes and huggable hues of a hungry, loving artist-owner. Choose your pottery piece from a variety of items, such as mugs, bowls, plates, drawer pulls, and banks (ranging from $1.50 to $100 each, with an average value of about $20). The price includes the piece itself, paint, glazing, and firing. After picking paint colors, you're free to head to The Painted Pig's Idea Center, which supplies an array of books, stamps, sponges, and stencils, or tap the expertise of the studio's friendly staff to stir creative capital from cranial couches. Upon completion of the finishing dabs and drizzlings, you'll hand your claysterpiece to the caring hands of The Painted Pig's glazing and firing squad. The glazing and firing process takes 7–10 days.
5622 R St
Little Rock,