Aquarium in Live Oak

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  • Sea World San Antonio
    Connect with the natural world at SeaWorld San Antonio by meeting animals up close, soaring through the sky on a thrilling roller coaster, and experiencing the majesty of the sea in one of our amazing shows. Select weekends in May, set sail on a taste adventure at SeaWorld?s new Seven Seas Food Festival. Sip and sample delicious international foods, unique wines and craft beers. Experience flavorful new taste pairings from savory to sweet to totally unexpected. All while surrounded by the wonders of SeaWorld and your favorite attractions. Learn more at
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    10500 SeaWorld Dr.
    San Antonio, TX US
  • San Antonio Aquarium
    The soon to open San Antonio Aquarium, a sister establishment to the facility in Austin, collects thousands of animals hailing from the shores of Oregon to the Indonesian Islands. Small sharks and rays glide through the shallow water of interactive petting tanks, where visitors can touch their surprisingly soft skin. Lorikeets, toucans, and macaws soar above exhibits filled with exotic amphibians and reptiles in the rain forest area. One exhibit even contains a giant pacific octopus, known to be one of the most intelligent animals in the wild for its ability to solve puzzles and look really studious in glasses. On certain days, mermaids put on a show for visitors, interacting with the aquarium's residents in their tanks. The entire facility is designed to appeal to children and families as a whole. The owners take a particular interest in giving children joy, especially foster children. They themselves hosted 31 foster children in their time, and now provide them with a thrilling??and free??experience at their aquarium.
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    6320 E Bandera Rd.
    San Antonio, TX US
  • Austin Aquarium
    The Austin Aquarium packs an array of aquatic wonders with its 24,000 square feet; its exhibits encompass marine habitats from around the world, housing more than 3,000 species from Oregon to Indonesia in its aquariums and aviaries. Among the activities, visitors can feel the skin of rays or tempt birds or younger siblings with handfuls of nectar. The aquarium also hosts behind-the-scenes tours and sleepovers in which kids can get a glimpse into the ocean at night, when even the mightiest sharks cower in fear from plankton's elongated shadows.
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    13530 North Highway 183
    Austin, TX US