Medical in Long Beach

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  • Long Beach Wellness
    The team of certified colon therapists at LB Wellness conjures the magic of the Angel of Water system to help clients cleanse and detoxify insides. After a 15-minute consultation, guests sit atop the Angel of Water bed and relax as warm H20 gently flows through the digestive system, flushing out waste, toxic bacteria, and long-forgotten ingested scarves from summers at magician camp. After the 30–40 minute treatment, clients may reap the rewards of a more hydrated and sanitary internal-combustion engine.
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    240 West Park Avenue
    Long Beach, NY US
  • Oceanside Wellness Center
    The Oceanside Wellness Center contours away inches and tightens skin during quick, noninvasive Lipo-Light sessions. During the 30-minute treatments, LED light slips past the skin's outer defenses, targeting the adipose tissue that lurks just beneath. Stimulated by the light energy, these cells give up their fatty contents, which then vacate the body during normal lymphatic cycles. Microcurrent facial treatments help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin smoother and softer. Customers may notice visible firming and contouring with less puffiness. This warm and inviting center also offers additional therapeutic services.
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    9 Davison Ave. West
    Oceanside, NY US
  • Five Towns Heart Imaging
    With hundreds of locations across the country, Right Dental Group represents a collection of oral-healthcare professionals who deliver a variety of quality dental services. The collective places an emphasis on relationship building—meaning patients can confess their most egregious toffee-apple trespasses while receiving a teeth scrubbing delivered with precision and understanding. Each of the dentists is prescreened for a consistent record of excellence and the ability to efficiently locate a cavity in a toothstack. A skilled doctor and their staff will skillfully probe forgotten mouth corners, eradicating tartar and expunging plaque from bacterial lairs. The included x-rays will help uncover any oral problem areas that cannot be seen with the shamelessly naked eye. After treatment, clients will be privy to tips that explain the proper brushing and flossing techniques to ward off gum disease and tooth loss, ensuring tongue-stoppers remain firmly rooted to the rest of the skeletal system.
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    650 Central Ave
    Cedarhurst, NY US
  • Five Towns Neuroscience Research
    Since Dr. David Steiner, MD, opened Five Towns Neurology in 1999, he's built quite a reputation. Not only does the doctor run his own busy practice, he also heads the Peninsula Hospital Center's stroke and neurology clinics, directs a local Parkinson's group, and lectures on topics such as epilepsy. Having earned so much trust from the community and his peers, it made sense for him to start his own research division, which he christened Five Towns Neuroscience Research. There, researchers lead clinical trials on topics ranging from lower back pain to Alzheimer's. The center also provides physical therapy for patients suffering from a wide range of conditions.
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    222 Rockaway Tpke Ste 1
    Cedarhurst, NY US
  • Dr. Olga Zilberstein, MD
    Dr. Olga Zilberstein, a board-certified physician, partners her medical expertise with extensive training in aesthetics. At her eponymous practice?a much slower-paced environment than the emergency room where she works as a clinical assistant professor?she puts her certification from the American Academy of Dermatology to work with a handful of aesthetic procedures. She administers skin-smoothing Botox injections, exfoliating chemical peels, and sclerotherapy, a treatment that softens the appearance of spider veins. Dr. Zilberstein continually updates her aesthetic education so she can provide her clients with the most modern and effective treatments.
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    794 Caldwell Ave.
    North Woodmere, NY US