Music Lessons in Madison

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Mom's Music records the voices of aspiring Aretha Franklins and David Lee Roths with state-of-the-art recording, mixing, editing, and mastering gear and a knowledgeable staff to perfect a band’s recorded sound. A professional engineer assists bands of up to six members to create their best work possible and press it onto a glimmering compact disc. Mom’s Music studios comes stock with a plethora of professional equipment and software, including Digidesign Pro Tools HD3, Roland DA-90 monitors, Great River microphone preamps, and a stellar collection of microphones that’ll capture the lead singer’s voice crisply and warmly. Having recorded everything from thrash-metal to radio commercials to Frasier-theme-song cover bands, Mom’s Music’s talented engineers can tailor the session to any style of music.

1900 Mellwood Ave