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From the throwback digs of their retro American eatery and soda shop, Hollywood Diner's soda jerks dish up classic '50s fare including broiled burgers and sippable shakes. Nibble on nostalgic noshes such as the Frito pie, boasting a layer of corn chips topped with a gooey filling of chili, cheese, and sour cream ($5.99), or the award-winning Reuben Williams, loaded with corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and thousand-island dressing ($6.99). The Kitchen Sink burger, loaded for bear with three cheeses, onion rings, bacon, and an over-hard egg ($7.99), satisfies carnivorous cravings, and pairs tastily with homemade kettle chips or sweet-potato fries.

2214 Abbott Dr
Carter Lake,

Housing their business in a new salon, the owners of NT Nails, take cleanliness seriously. "NT Nails uses disposable files, buffers, and pedicure sponges. We use hospital-grade autoclaves to sterilize our equipment," the owner explained during an interview with Midtowncrossing.com. They also line pedicure tubs with disposable liners to ensure a hygienic experience and protect skin from harsh cleaning chemicals. After buffing nails to perfection, they coat them with a polish. Their waxing sessions are just as meticulous, rooting out each hair from its follicle, instead of hammering it back in with a peen hammer, to leave skin smooth and soft.

4430 Farnam St