Scuba in Chinatown

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With Scuba Network's Discover Scuba class, aspiring sea-divers can get a quick taste of what it's like to don advanced scuba gear and navigate the water. Whether you're curious about the marine justice league or wish to erect an underwater general store before the impending kelp rush, an introductory scuba class is an easy and effective way to decide whether submarine life is right for you. You'll flipper through Scuba Network's safe and controlled pool environment with a professional, helpful instructor. With the scuba sage dishing out useful, hands-on tutoring, you'll learn the basics of the underwater hobby and be on your way to diving several leagues under the sea. The deal also includes all gear except for a bathing suit and a towel, so there's no need to hastily overbid on Jacques Cousteau's original mermaid suit.

43 W 21st St
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