Nightlife in Okanagan

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  • Turtle Bay Pub
    At Turtle Bay Pub, scenic views of Wood Lake enhance the experience of sipping cold brews and indulging in a diverse selection of pub fare. That cuisine ranges from hearty classics, such as racks of ribs or steak & Guinness pies, to lighter dishes, such as flatbreads topped with prosciutto, pear, and goat cheese. Live music sets the mood on Friday nights, and on others, it's set by the cheers and groans of patrons as they watch sports games. Sunday brunch, replete with omelettes and buttermilk pancakes, is also available.
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    2850 Woodsdale Rd.
    Winfield, BC CA
  • Avenue Classic Bar
    The team behind Avenue Classic Bar sets out to create an upscale tavern with a warm, neighborly feel. A row of chandeliers shines soft light on intimate conversations below, as patrons nestle into soft folds of U-shaped leather booths. Bottles of top-shelf liquors rise from behind the bar, waiting to be plucked from obscurity and to melt some unsuspecting ice cubes. Stone walls and hardwood floors lend a rich quality to the upscale saloon.
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    1675 Abbott Street
    Kelowna, BC CA
  • Gracie Barra Kamloops
    At Gracie Barra Kamloops, students learn the art of the underdog: brazilian jiu-jitsu. This martial-arts discipline capitalizes on the concept of leverage to negate any advantage of size or strength. Its grappling techniques therefore enable a person to subdue a much-larger opponent using a repertoire of joint locks and chokeholds. The instructors—two of whom are certified black belts—demonstrate their ground-fighting techniques during classes for all ages. These sessions hone self-defence moves while promoting overall fitness, much like kicking the panel of your StairMaster between each step.
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    971 Laval Cres.
    Kamloops, BC CA
  • Sonic Flower Entertainment
    Twenty-three years into his storied career, Darren Lee continues to channel the charisma of the King of rock 'n' roll, winning the title of World's Best Elvis in Memphis on the 20th anniversary of the legend's death. Lee gained notoriety performing on the Vegas Strip for 11 years, and during his stint as young Elvis, mastered the moves that once scandalized a nation, from swiveling hips to wearing a white jumpsuit after Labour Day. With dark, voluminous locks and the signature growl that marks such hits as Hound Dog and Hurt, Darren Lee celebrates the King's unforgettable music and charismatic stage presence fronting a multi-media presentation that culls the best back-up instrumentals and vocals. With only 326 seats, the intimate auditorium fosters an energetic connection between the performer and viewer in a way that only the arduous questioning of an Ouija board otherwise can.
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    4900 Anderson Way
    Vernon, British Columbia CA
  • Alexanders Beach Pub
    The patio at Alexander's Beach Pub overlooks picturesque Kalamalka Lake Beach, with its caramel-colored sand and views of verdant hills. As they watch the waves and fish learning to walk, al fresco diners feast on burgers, ribs, stir-fries, and towering slices of five-layer chocolate cake. On blustery days, they can always retreat to the cozy interior. There, glasses hang from the ceiling above the full bar, a fire in the stone fireplace heats chilled bones, and a dartboard, perfect for friendly competition, hangs on one wall. The pub now welcomes families and kids.
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    12408 Kalamalka Rd
    Coldstream, BC CA
  • Bourbon Street Bar and Grill
    Bourbon Street Bar and Grill's co-owner Rick Riechelt draws on more than 30 years of hospitality industry experience to run the restaurant. He ensures customers have a good experience, but that would mean little without good food coming out of the kitchen. Luckily, the chefs craft excellent cuisine in their own right. Entrees include blackened catfish in a housemade spice blend; local, grass-fed lamb sausage with dates and Cajuns seasoning within; and butter-seared beef tenderloin. Each dish comes with a side of fresh, seasonal veggies as a complement.
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    4411-32nd Street
    Vernon, BC CA