Chiropractor in South Walker

Up to 59% Off Exam and Adjustment at Griffith Chiropractics

Griffith Chiropractics

Central Oklahoma City

$60 $29

Chiropractor pinpoints the source of pain and aims to ease it with low-risk adjustments

Up to 80% Off Acupuncture Sessions

Active Care Chiropractic

Multiple Locations

$180 $39


After an exam and consultation, an acupuncturist inserts hair-thin needles into bodies to channel energy flow and address various ailments

Up to 88% Off at Johnson Family Chiropractic

Johnson Family Chiropractic

Northwest Oklahoma City

$325 $40

Doctor of chiropractic and his team work with clients to create a customized treatment program that addresses the whole body

Up to 71% Off Chiropractic Packages

Hooper Chiropractic Total Body Hands and Feet


$100 $29

Chiropractor Clifford Hooper helps alleviate pain and promote overall wellness by realigning the spinal column with two or four adjustments

Up to 91% Off at Townsend Chiropractic

Townsend Chiropractic

Northwest Oklahoma City

$345 $30

Doctor of Chiropractic Jeanna Townsend relieves pain with several different adjustment techniques

Up to 89% Off Chiropractic Care

Chiropractique Family Wellness Center

Northwest Oklahoma City

$360 $39

Doctor performs chiropractic exams, x-rays, and adjustments to align spines, relieve pain, and ferret out the pain’s underlying causes

Up to 90% Off Adjustments & Acupuncture at Godfrey Chiropractic

Godfrey Chiropractic Clinic


$400 $39

Doctor of Chiropractic John Godfrey corrects misalignments of the spine with adjustments and blockages of energy flow with acupuncture

86% Off Chiropractic Exam and Spinal Decompression

HealthSource of Tulsa


$250 $34

Husband-and-wife chiropractic team supplements an exam with three to five spinal-decompression treatments

Up to 81% Off Holistic Health Treatments

Snyder Chiropractic and Acupuncture


$180 $59


Chiropractor Snyder uses electrical and traditional acupuncture, as well as manual chiropractic adjustments, to help bodies heal themselves

90% Off Chiropractic Exam and Adjustments 

Cherry Street Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Bryn Mawr

$351 $35

Chiropractic exam and nutritional evaluation search for sources of pain and ailments; adjustments alleviate aches

Up to 80% Off Nervous-System Scan and Massage

Gallagher Wellness Centre


$102 $39

One-hour massage accompanies a consultation and scan, which screens the nervous system for signs of potential health issues

Up to 91% Off a Chiropractic Package

Schluter Chiropractic

Southern Plaza

$456 $39


At a family practice, chiropractors identify the source of clients' pain, then perform electrical acupuncture and therapies to treat it

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Dr. Richard Huffman gently renews zest in soul sacks after leading thorough consultations and exams that unveil each client's medical history, pains, and eagerness to smile for x-rays. Huffman also uses this time to explain the science behind chiropractic practices, which generally aim to treat the "whole person" by addressing misalignments in one of the body's seven spinal columns. Once Huffman has collected and shared adequate information, he treats the client's body to a soothing first treatment that may include a bone adjustment and dose of needleless, pressure-centric acupuncture.

9101 S Western Ave
Oklahoma City,

Doctor of Chiropractic Cody Elledge treats more than just backaches and stiff necks—he works to keep the nervous system tuned up and humming efficiently. By maintaining the health of the body's control centers, Dr. Elledge is able to help his patients overcome many a malady without drugs or surgery. Acupuncture treatments complement his holistic treatment regimens, lending to his well-rounded approach to bringing balance to the body.

10403 S Pennsylvania Ave
Oklahoma City,

Doctor of Chiropractic Wayne Maynard uses spinal adjustments, corrective exercises, and lifestyle advice to keep his patients’ bodies in balance. He treats common concerns, such as headaches, backaches, and neck pain, along with more serious issues, such as injuries from accidents. Maynard welcomes patients who are new to chiropractic services and goes out of his way explain the finer points of his approach and the science behind his techniques.

5113 SE 15th St
Del City,

The hospitable, hands-on healers at Brooks Wellness Center have nullified bodily aches and tensions for years, providing a range of relaxing massage treatments. The Swedish massage, one of the most popular massage techniques to not incorporate massage gloves made out of cotton candy, uses light-to-medium pressure and flowing movements to veto gauche stress proposals. Alternatively, the intensive deep-tissue massage uses a series of higher-pressure knead styles to ghostbust loitering phantasms that haunt the nooks and crannies of your vessel. Whatever process you choose, the licensed de-knotters will leave the muscles feeling rejuvenated, sending ripples of unrestrained relaxation to the brain and nearby marmots. Call ahead to schedule an appointment.

2600 NW Expressway
Oklahoma City,

Doctor of Chiropractic Allison Lees—a former collegiate soccer player—and Doctor of Chiropractic Kayla Smiley—a former collegiate basketball player—both know the physical toll athletes can face. At their practice, the chiropractors take a special interest in helping people recover from sports injuries, as well as chronic pain in the back and extremities. Dr. Lees is also certified in acupuncture to help further alleviate aches and allergies.

6446 Avondale Dr
Nichols Hills,

Practitioners at Stretch U employ The Carey Stretch method, which was developed by professional physical therapist John Carey. Through his work with countless professional athletes, including baseball players and golfers, John developed his method to help unblock constricted neural pathways and help boost functioning of the nervous system. Through a combination of stretching muscles, nerves, and the myofascial system, the Cary Stretch method strives to improve athletic performance, increase mobility, and increase range of motion.

6488 Avondale Dr
Nichols Hills,