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Even before you dig into your meal, you can tell eating at Cous Cous Cafe is an authentically Moroccan experience. That's because many dishes are served in traditional tagines, or earthenware pots used for cooking. But even without this touch, the signs of authenticity would be unmistakable. For one thing, there's the certified halal food, which is well-balanced between meat and vegetarian options. Chicken, lamb, kefta, and falafel all feature in the cafe's spread, and each can be ordered a number of different ways: skewered on kebobs, sprawled across a bed of rice and Moroccan salad, or even packed into a burrito. Then there's the beverage selection, which includes a Moroccan mint tea that, like the sentence, "It's so great to see you," can be delivered either warm or chilly.
6165 North May Avenue
Oklahoma City,