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Certified arborist Ted Smith is steeped in knowledge of the local environment. For more than three decades, he has monitored the interplay between climate fluctuations and pest populations, becoming an expert in integrated pest management. As the owner of Green Team Management, he preserves adult trees by eliminating pests that can cause infection and corrects abnormal growth patterns in juvenile trees that have sprouted mustaches rather than branches. In addition to being fully equipped to stamp out weeds and streamline limbs, Ted is licensed to depopulate indoor pests, such as spiders and termites.

2280 Cherry Lane

The talented team at Wind River Lawn Care specializes in household exteriors, ensuring everything from lawns and trees to sprinklers and siding look and perform their best. Whether paying service visits for lawn mowing or seasonal restoration on a regular basis or for a one-time landscape installation, the team supplies homeowners with a free estimate ahead of time to prevent confusion over pricing. Their landscape-maintenance services ensure that homes and gardens stay beautiful with minimal worry on the part of the homeowner or the elder tree.

2867 North Wren Avenue

Barrier Lawn & Pest, Inc., stands behind a robust customer-service promise, aiming to make lawn care as stress-free as possible. Instead of showing up unannounced, attentive staffers arrive on time to every appointment, keeping the lines of communication as clear as a crystal goblet filled with 7-Up by answering every phone call they receive. The licensed and insured technicians fertilize greenery and treat weeds, drawing upon extensive training to identify and obliterate invasive plants such as dandelions and thistles. The company only uses chemicals approved by state and national safety agencies, and its fertilizer and weed treatments require only 15 minutes to take root before homeowners can walk, crawl, or play duck-duck-goose on them.

301 S Kings Rd