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Dr. Scott Gardner, awash in the accolades of the adjusted, applies pain-relieving, exam-guided massage therapy to achy, misaligned backs. A chiropractic exam assesses reflexes, flexibility, and nerve responses, and may include neurological, orthopedic, and postural tests. Either immediately after the exam or on a following day, patients step into a soothing private room for a one-hour massage customized to the results of the doctor's exam. Patients can ease ml pain, reduce swelling, and increase range of motion, helping relieve some of the symptoms of swervy spines before setting long-term straightening goals or increasing the number of books they can stack atop their heads. With the clinic's collection of torso-tuning services, patients can seek ongoing relief from a wide variety of nervous system issues, from accident injuries to migraines, sciatica, and compulsive tickling.

374 South St

Chatham Holistic Healing Arts' staff soothes clients with alternative-healing methods to refurbish the mind, body, and spirit. During a one-hour reiki session, a practitioner places his or her hands over centers of energy in the client's body. The treatment strives to balance the mind, spirit, and body and may reduce stress and leave the recipient with more room for positive feelings, such as a deep appreciation for infomercials. During the one-hour wellness consultation, counselors advise clients on nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and stress management. Weary feet exhausted from a night of footsie can soak their soles in an ionic-detox footbath, which bathes feet in ionized water and aims to recharge and motivate cells into forcing toxins from the body and doing their laundry.

3 Railroad Avenue

Skyline Country Club is a semi-private club that welcomes golfers with sweeping views of the Berkshire mountains and glimmering waters that intersect the grounds. Elevation changes and blind tee shots are frequent throughout the 6,075-yard course, as seen on the 4th hole, which rewards precise tee shots of roughly 110–165 yards with an easy 110-yard shot to the green. The par 5 12th, the course's most difficult hole, forces players to drive onto a tight fairway along the straight 490-yard layout that ends with a false front, a greenside slope that often tricks golfers and sends balls rolling back toward the player like an industrial-grade pop-a-shot. After finishing the course with two consecutive par 4's, golfers can retire to the Club's pub for drinks and eats on the open-air deck, which offers views of the surrounding landscape.

Course at a Glance: * 18-hole, par 71 course * Total length of 6,075 yards from the back tees * Three sets of tees per hole

405 S Main St