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  • Himalayan Restaurant Chicago
    Home cooking can be hard to find when home is on an entirely different continent. But the owners of Himalayan Restaurant knew how to bring the flavors of their South Asian home to Chicago. They sought out Chef Bishnu Subedi, who relies on his 12 years of experience as well as his training in a Kathmandu culinary school. Befitting the subcontinent’s rich and diverse history, Chef Subedi designs expansive menus, which embrace the Northern Indian, Nepalese, and Asian subcultures that define the region’s cuisines. This cultural fusion is readily apparent in dishes such as the momos: steamed Nepalese-style dumplings that are typically stuffed with minced chicken or vegetables and served by street-food vendors throughout Nepal. Northern Indian flavors completely shine through on certain dishes, including the tandoori chicken, which marinates overnight in spiced yogurt before the chefs quickly barbecue the meat inside a traditional clay tandoor oven. House-made paneer cheese and fluffy naan also evoke the flavors of South Asia; the restaurant further embraces its cultural roots by serving Indian beers and water from melted Nepalese glaciers.
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    3747 Grand Avenue
    Gurnee, IL US
  • Spicy Bites
    Miki Trikha and his wife, Nidhi, hope to expose Americans to the popular street foods of Mumbai, where businesspeople on their lunch breaks crowd together, the scents of buttery naan billowing around them on the warm breath of ovens. The couple, who also operate an Indian grocery store, glide across a dining room that the Daily Herald calls “cute and contemporary.” Vibrant portraits span the length of the walls beside colorful, leaf-painted tables. Above a treat-filled glass case, a large menu board guides diners, explaining the flavors and lore behind Mumbai-style chaat. The popular street food combines a piece of fried bread with toppings including pomegranate, chickpeas, and tomato sauce alongside golden samosas and dumplings stuffed with zabiha halal meat or soaked in creamy yogurt. The metallic symphony of a busy kitchen drifts into the room as chefs forge veggie crepes and crown tandoor chicken and lamb with fresh mint chutney. While downing imported Indian sodas, guests admire the eatery's high ceilings and exposed rafters, which shake with laughter and leave space for exaggerated gestures during fishing stories.
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    139 W Townline Rd
    Vernon Hills, IL US
  • Peacock Indian Restaurant
    Inside a sizzling tandoor oven, 15 styles of naan, paratha, and roti soak in the heat until they start to take on a slight char. Peacock's chefs then pull them out of the oven, serving them hot as an accompaniment authentic tandoori meats and curries. Dining here is an experience for all the senses, from the soft cheese stuffed inside paneer naan to the spicy murg vindaloo. Almonds and pistachios inside the nuts naan give a tender crunch and make it easy to sop up sauces such as the creamy murg kurma or one of many shrimp or lamb dishes. Vegetarian options also abound for people eschewing meat or hoping a vegetable a day will keep a full range of medical professionals away.
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    700 N Milwaukee Ave.
    Vernon Hills, IL US
  • Saffron Indian Cuisine
    Fill up on naan and curry at Saffron Indian Cuisine. Watching your diet? Stay on track at Saffron Indian Cuisine, a local restaurant with gluten-free and low-fat options. Tots and tykes will be right at home at Saffron Indian Cuisine with its kid-approved food and ambience. Get connected at lightning fast speeds with Saffron Indian Cuisine's complimentary wifi. Planning a special night? Call ahead to reserve a table. Looking for something delicious to serve at your next party? Saffron Indian Cuisine also offers catering. If you're in a hurry, place an order for pickup instead. Make use of the luxurious bike racks at Saffron Indian Cuisine. It will typically cost you about $30 to enjoy a meal at Saffron Indian Cuisine. At Saffron Indian Cuisine, you have the option of paying by major credit card.
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    270 Hawthorn Vlg
    Vernon Hills, IL US
  • Urban Tandoor Indian Grill & Bar
    While hungry diners bask in the sunlight out on the patio or filtering in through the 140-person dining room's window-lined spaces, chefs busily craft a mix of traditional and contemporary Indian dishes. On the modern side, chefs infuse familiar gourmet dishes with Indian flavors, such as in the lamb sliders with masala fries and mint chutney or the mango brûlée. Traditional dishes include curries such as the bright green palak paneer and chicken tikka masala in a rich tomato base. Meanwhile, baby lamb chops, chicken, and shrimp rise up from the tandoor on clouds of steam and power their way into the dining room.
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    3970 Route 22
    Long Grove, IL US
  • Curry Hut
    Curry Hut Restaurant The Himalayan Mountains cast a long shadow, and in their shade Indian and Nepalese chefs have crafted many styles of curries. Curry Hut Restaurant extends that shadow all the way to Chicago by introducing guests to a diverse sampling of Indian and Nepalese cuisine. Chefs fill their woks with simmering curries, adding touches of cardamom and cumin for spice. Their traditional clay ovens cook smoky flavors into kebabs or bake tiny clay ovens for guests to take home as souvenirs. The restaurant’s Nepalese dishes feature a number of spices found only on the slopes of the Himalayas; chefs rub these into bone-in goat meat or blend them in stewed yellow lentils.
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    410 Sheridan Rd
    Highwood, IL US

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