Pilates in Pleasant Prairie

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  • YOGArithm Studios
    The dedicated and certified instructors at Yogarithm Studios shepherd their bendy apprentices with an inspiring passion for the healthful art of yoga. Six types of yoga work the minds and bodies of students of all skill sets in 45-minute lessons scheduled at convenient times throughout the week. The gentle class greets flexibles with easygoing exercises; the power core workout challenges bodies on a mental, physical, and molecular level. In the fun flow pose-fest, benders will practice a catalogue of yoga positions at a moderate pace against the aural backdrop of upbeat tunes. Though Yogarithm accommodates guests with mats, blocks, straps, and blankets, patrons are encouraged to bring their own props and gear.
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    6107 75th St
    Kenosha, WI US
  • Mindful Yoga Studio
    Mindful Movement Studio is where development of wholeness is emphasized. We help you nurture your mind-body connection through posture alignment and breathing techniques. Optimum health and a sense of ease in your body is our goal. Quite simply, we help you feel good.
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    6127 Green Bay Rd
    Kenosha, WI US
  • Yoga and Friends
    Christina, owner of Yoga & Friends, began her yoga training in 1995. Since then, she has studied with and stood extremely close to some of the practice's most renowned yogis, including John Friend, Jamie and Justin Allison, and Rodney Yee. Christina's classes are based primarily in the Hatha yoga tradition, a style that aims to unite the mind, body, and spirit through standing and seated postures, as well as deep-breathing exercises. Certified Zumba instructors and reiki masters complement yoga with dynamic cardio work and relaxing spiritual balancing sessions.
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    5126 6th Avenue
    Kenosha, WI US
  • Razor Sharp Fitness
    It doesn't take complicated machines, elaborate schedules, or cybernetic implants to get in shape. All it takes is determination, a plan, and a support system. Oh, and some kettlebells. That's the philosophy behind CrossFit, a no frills workout plan built on clients' drive to improve. After working their way up to the full regimen with the On Ramp program, members of CrossFit Racine begin a high-intensity syllabus of squats and deadlifts, seasoned with a dose of burpees and sandbag intimidating.
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    7300 Washington Ave
    Mount Pleasant, WI US
  • Accelerated Athlete
    While many fitness gurus limit their gear to traditional hand weights and medicine balls, the inspired trainers at Accelerated Athlete also incorporate sledgehammers, tractor tires, battle ropes, and ladders into their exercise classes. Far from limited to life in the toolshed, these unusual components are the building blocks of heart-pumping exercise routines that confuse muscles into becoming stronger and bodies into becoming leaner. Trainers' encouraging words play an equal role, inspiring students to sweat through boot camps, power yoga, kickboxing, and high-intensity interval training tailored to each individual’s skill level.
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    1840 Circuit Drive
    Round Lake Beach, IL US
  • Forever Om Yoga
    Borrowing its name from an ancient meditative chant, Forever Om Yoga turns up the heat on classic Vinyasa flows for calorie-burning, mind-clearing workouts. Aside from warming the studio to between 78 and 98 degrees Fahrenheit, a high-tech heating system cleans and recirculates air with an infrared light, facilitating easier, deeper breaths. In each 75-minute class, Yoga Alliance- and Baptiste-certified instructors lead groups through either gentle, 78-degree Vinyasa flows or hotter, high-energy flows inspired by Baptiste power yoga. The basic yoga class features the essential Vinyasa poses, and a class focused on athletic recovery incorporates therapeutic stretching and twists to help repair sore or strained muscles and prevent future injury during all-night Twister marathons.
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    1407 N Western Ave
    Lake Forest, IL US

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