Indian Restaurants in Post Falls

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If she could have one last meal "before the planet exploded into a fiery, zombie-infected, asteroid-pocked heap of space junk," Leah Sottile of The Pacific Northwest Islander has a clear preference: Swagat Indian Cuisine's malai kofta. The simple dish consists of three balls crafted from potato, carrot, cauliflower, and paneer cheese. Chef Pargat Kahlon douses these in a yellow gravy that takes nearly three hours to make—not exactly something he’d waste time on if the Earth were about to explode.

For now, at least, chef Kahlon takes his time to perfect more than 100 traditional Indian dishes besides the malai kofta. These dishes include lamb cooked in a special gravy and shrimp pan-roasted with onions and bell peppers. Kahlon’s culinary team also mixes spinach and cubes of homemade cheese into a tasty sauce and cooks chicken dusted with freshly ground spices on skewers in a tandoor oven. Along with dinner every night, Swagat hosts a daily lunch buffet, which allows guests to sample a variety of regional cuisines.

14415 E Sprague Ave