Soccer in Prairie Village

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Every year, KC Sports Leagues unite more than 1,500 singles and young professionals, all between the ages of 24 and 30, in recreational sports leagues. Beyond providing an opportunity for friendly competition and social interaction throughout the Kansas City area, the organizers of KC Sports Leagues only have one mission: help players have fun. Coed leagues include dodgeball, basketball, kickball, volleyball, and flag football, which reigns as the most popular type of recreation, apart from the parties that cap off each game in all leagues. Though most matches focus on fun and camaraderie, the men-only leagues also embrace a competitive element, perfect for the serious athlete or the armchair athlete who wonders if their arm-strength translates beyond remote tricks.
1810 Haas Drive
Kansas City,
Zipping at a faster pace and racking up higher scores than their grass-stained outdoor cousins, the iconic Missouri Comets streak through MISL play from the inner orbit of the new Independence Events Center. From their midfield seats, footsport fans can enjoy an unobstructed view as they brush up on their knowledge of indoor soccer, which features six players to a side, legal plays off of walled sidelines, and the frenzied neon lights of the multi-ball round. Visitors will get to cheer on the newly resurrected team led by former Danish soccer star Kim Roentved as they go head-to-head against the Chicago Riot or the Omaha Vipers—teams that weave Midwestern footwork narratives that rival the toe-typed tales of "Handless" Studs Terkel.
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With 20,000 square feet of training space available all year round, the indoor Topeka Sports Factory helps athletes of all ages stay on top of their game. Three baseball cages and one softball cage allow batters to refine their hitting technique. Two pitching tunnels provide players with a place to hone their fastball or calculate the parabola of their curveball. Additionally, the facility features a swath of turf for on-field practice. Topeka Sports Factory offers personal training throughout the year as well?including lessons by MLB All-Star Ken Berry?and also hosts soccer, football, and slow-pitch softball leagues for athletes of almost any age.
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