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Leaves of vegetables and herbs sprout from the ground near Sweet Potato Cafe, providing the arsenal of ingredients that chefs Karen Patton and George Pollard draw from as they construct their seasonal, upscale dishes. The chefs—who boast decades of baking experience and finesse with Caribbean, French, and American Southern cuisines—pluck a daily crop from the onsite garden, bolstering their fresh harvest with organic ingredients, such as cage-free eggs and grass-fed beef, that are sourced from nearby sustainable farms. The verdant bounty yields a rotating menu of dishes, many of which star the sweet potato and its natural entourage of nutrients.

The chefs till their lush garden just beyond the eatery, which is housed inside a renovated, 1930s craftsman-style home. Rich, burnt-orange walls, dangling lights, and lustrous wooden floors and tables modernize the dwelling, but every other Friday evening, live jazz music and telegraphed ticker-tape readings enhance the historic ambiance.

5377 Manor Dr
Stone Mountain,

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