Martial Arts in Regina

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  • Wushu Guan Massage Therapy
    Massage therapist Ranée Leduc soothes weary muscles and banishes tension with relaxation and therapeutic massages. In a relaxation massage, Leduc takes her cue from clients on whether to use light or medium pressure as she unknots gnarls and soothes minds. A therapeutic massage, meanwhile, alleviates a specific sore spot or injury point and can include deep-tissue massage, trigger-point therapy, or a strongly worded letter to evict headaches and other pains. Leduc, who has 10 years of experience, reinforces her training with further education and high-grade concrete. En route to the massage table, clients greet a pond full of fish and turtles that have obligingly agreed to serve as a physical manifestation of tranquility.
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    2506 Dewdney Ave
    Regina, SK CA
  • Northern Victory Chinese Boxing Institute
    At Northern Victory Chinese Boxing Institute, students learn the art and discipline of Chinese kung fu from a fifth-degree black belt with more than 25 years of experience. Initial classes focus on fundamentals such as blocks, kicks, and punches; sword and pole training; and body conditioning and confidence building. Once the fundamental techniques have been mastered, classes progress to combinations and sparring. Classes also focus on the spiritual element of kung fu, incorporating techniques of meditation, stretching, and chi kung into the rotation.
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    1120 Devonshire Dr.
    Regina, SK CA

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