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  • Basic Training Sacramento
    Viewed from above, Basic Training?s fitness boot camps look like a track meet designed by worker ants. On the ground, participants bound over hurdles, crawl through obstacle courses, and wield heavy objects such as sandbags, sledgehammers, and beer kegs. In actuality, these workouts are designed by a human fitness expert: Rodney Carson, a drill instructor who has trained at military bases such as the Army National Guard Camp San Luis Obispo and the United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego. Based on the Marine Corps physical-training regimen, his boot camps propel participants toward fitness goals while boosting their confidence and breaking their bad habits. Many workouts draw from his experiences preparing for track-and-field events, such as the International Masters Track Circuit, where he won three gold medals for his speedy footwork. Calories melt during his boot camps? sprints and fartlek runs, and bodyweight exercises make muscles more ripply than an ocean preparing a shaken martini. During field-meet days, dodge ball, kickball, and tug-of-war battles jump-start workouts with an extra dose of fun. Experienced instructors lead each session, inspiring the group with friendly shouts, hearty claps, and tips on form and technique. In addition to helming camps for civilians of all fitness levels, Rodney and his crew train first responders, such as police officers, firefighters, and soldiers, during special-operations sessions.
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    3755 Schriever Ave.
    Mather, CA US
  • QualloFit
    Sandra Quallo has always been athletic, but it wasn't until after the birth of her children that she decided to become competitively fit. With the help of a personal trainer, she was able to sculpt her body into a bodybuilding champion, winning the overall title at the INBF show and earning rank as a WNBF professional. Today, she helps others make the same transformation through one-on-one coaching and fitness guidance.
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    11327 Folson Blvd.
    Rancho Cordova, CA US