Italian Restaurants in Saddle Brook

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Que Pasta's chefs have a simple recipe for success—using high-quality Durham flour, they create their own fresh pastas every morning. The ravioli, gnocchi, penne, and tortellini are created in small batches to ensure quality, and they go on to support housemade sauces ranging from sweet brown sherry sauce to spicy cream of leek sauce. They also might hoist a seafood medley, pan-seared chicken, or tender veal.

Those who wish to take the pasta creations home don't even have to attempt to leave any noodles on their plates—Que Pasta actually sells the housemade pastas for people to make at home. These include a selection of seasonal pastas, such as ravioli stuffed with roasted turkey, cranberries, and walnuts, and pumpkin ravioli with tiny candles inside. In addition to a full menu, Que Pasta now serves wine and beer.

326 Market St
Saddle Brook,