Chiropractor in Saint Peters

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  • Midwest Family Wellness
    Doctors of Chiropractic Joshua Fink, Matthew Fink, and Brad Mawer, the trifecta at the core of Midwest Family Wellness, draw from diverse areas of expertise to treat the children and adults who walk through their doors. Dr. Joshua Fink sheds light on health issues in lectures, Dr. Matthew Fink is certified in active release therapy and Logan basic technique, and Dr. Brad Mawer is an NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist.—each of them well-versed in the art of chiropractic adjustments. In their office, they rehabilitate spinal joints and muscles, design dietary counseling and personal-training programs, and direct a staff of massage therapists who knead tension and pain from the whole body or specific areas. When not treating clients, the doctors helm workshops on topics such as family health, children's nutrition, and ergonomics.
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    5055 Hwy N #210
    Cottleville, MO US
  • Crosby Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center
    The team of chiropractic physicians at Crosby Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center believes the body should be treated as a whole if it is to be healed. At this busy wellness center, new patients receive a thorough exam that?s designed to source out the root of patient ailments. With those results, a treatment plan can be designed to correct any imbalances in the body. Among the therapies offered, the center?s chiropractic doctors perform manual spinal adjustments, and massage therapists complement body work with massage and massage classes. In addition, the doctors and staff at the center perform acupuncture treatments that include traditional, laser, and needleless varieties to relieve pain.
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    331 Jungermann Rd.
    Saint Peters, MO US
  • Wolfrum Crossing Chiropractic
    In practice for more than 14 years, Dr. Ken Inchiostro of Wolfrum Crossing Chiropractic believes that all walks of life need chiropractic care, even those that walk on all fours. At his clinic, he provides adjustments to animals with muscoskeletal problems just as gently as he provides adjustments to his human clients. At Wolfrum Crossing, he and his staff dole out acupuncture, massage therapy, and spinal decompression in order to quell such common ailments as joint pain, whiplash, carpal tunnel, headaches, and spinal degeneration.
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    1043 Wolfrum Rd
    Weldon Spring, MO US
  • Abundant Life Chiropractic
    Brandon Maxwell doesn?t treat symptoms. Instead, he takes a proactive approach to health, treating the entire body as a harmonious unit, whether the symptoms are headache, backache, or digestive issues. To do so, he relies on the body?s ability to heal itself. He works to activate this ability with noninvasive treatments such as spinal adjustment, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, and nutrition?none of which involve the use of drugs or surgery.
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    1090 Wolfrum Rd.
    Weldon Spring, MO US
  • Eden Chiropractic & Wellness
    Doctor of Chiropractic Fatiha McCaine’s bag of skills runs much deeper than chiropractic techniques. The doctor also specializes in reiki work, kinesio taping, and acupuncture sessions. Her specializations along with massage therapy and therapeutic exercise band together to conquer everything from achy backs to migraines to tingling or numbness.
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    4231 N Saint Peters Pkwy
    Saint Charles, MO US