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Quickly ease your appetite at this laid-back American eatery — Midnight Rodeo serves sandwiches, salads and more. No need to miss out on Midnight Rodeo just because you are avoiding fat or gluten. The restaurant has tons of options that can accommodate your dietary needs. Whether you have something to celebrate or just need something to take the edge off, the drink menu at Midnight Rodeo won't disappoint. Make those early evening hours happy ones and swing by for some discounted food and drink deals after work. You'll find lots of space for you and the whole gang to spread out at Midnight Rodeo, which accommodates plenty of large groups. There's often a DJ spinning as well, and patrons are encouraged to step out on the dance floor. The restaurant's noise level can be somewhat straining on the vocal cords, so intimate get-togethers may be best enjoyed elsewhere. To get seated fast on a weeknight, you may want to call ahead and make a reservation — after-work crowds can fill the place up. Parking is available at an adjacent lot. With prices below $15 per person, you can eat at Midnight Rodeo as often as you like! You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or any major credit card.
12260 Nacogdoches Rd
San Antonio,