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  • Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids
    Binky blankets help to comfort youth from newborns to 18-year-olds, and they are distributed at locations such as clinics, foster-care agencies, and shelters for victims of domestic violence, as well as to those experiencing homelessness. Though Binky Patrol receives fabric donations from several sources, the organization is in need of rolls of batting to fill its blankets to make them soft and plush.
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    PO Box 652
    Beaverton, OR US
  • Lake Grove Water District
    At Adorned Aesthetics, even the most familiar of skincare treatments, the facial, contains some surprises; the center's roster of nine different facials includes three services specifically designed for men as well as a Just Like Heaven exfoliation and massage treatment that lasts a full two hours. Two other services make use of some rare materials: the 24 kt. gold facial uses a gold serum and mask to reverse oxidation damage, and the Diamond Exfolight facial removes dead skin using the diamond-soled shoes that inspired Paul Simon to become a cobbler. When serums fall short, clients turn to the Bio-Roller, an FDA-approved micro-needle rolling system that treats wrinkles and acne without inflicting the downtime associated with surgery. The spa can offer all of these treatments thanks to the expertise of Melanie Hamilton and Kathryn Hoffman, who are professionally certified and trained by Obagi Pharmaceutical Skin Care. This company also provides a few of the specialized products that they use during treatments on a variety of skin issues. Melanie and Kathryn, who are also trained in the formal modalities of the Valmont skincare line from Switzerland, stay sharp by attending classes, seminars, and conventions in the industry.
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    16552 Boones Ferry Rd
    Lake Oswego, OR US
  • Wildlife Rescue Aid Project
    The volunteers at Wildlife Rescue Aid Project receive more than 50 striped skunks a year. Then they do what most people would not: they care for the skunks, provide food and shelter, and teach them how to hunt and spray in self defense. These rescued skunks and other mammals native to Oregon are often orphaned or injured and in need of extensive rehabilitation before they can return to the wild. So the volunteers ensure they find proper veterinary care to heal, and spend roughly 20 hours a day in a cycle of feeding and cleaning. When the skunks are ready to go, the volunteers identify each with a marker or cut a specific pattern into its hair to track its progress.
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    PO Box 4
    Aurora, OR US
  • Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue
    Mark and Amy Meyers bought their first donkey, Izzy, more than a decade ago. Though they only sought a pet, their close relationship with Izzy inspired them to take up a cause. Soon after buying Izzy, they noticed that other donkeys in the neighborhood were suffering from abuse and neglect. They took immediate action: Amy began adopting the donkeys, and Mark spent his evenings talking to the donkeys and tending to their ailments. After they adopted their 25th donkey, they decided to start their own rescue organization, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. Peaceful Valley, which currently cares for more than 2,500 donkeys, rescues domestic donkeys that have been abused or neglected and wild burros that have been displaced from their natural habitat. The donkeys are often found injured and wandering in the wilderness or are surrendered by their owners. PVDR has a network of rescue professionals stretching from Coast to Coast and Border to Border. Satellite locations include Scenic, Arizona approximately 90 miles north of Las Vegas near Mesquite Nevada. After being rescued, they live in one of the farm sanctuaries in Texas, Arizona, Oregon, or other satellite locations. Peaceful Valley has worked with capture programs, private landowners, and numerous government agencies?including the National Park Service, Fish and Game and Bureau of Land Management?to ensure that all donkeys have a safe place to live. Toward that aim, Peacefully Valley also holds clinics, trains donkey owners to better care for their animals, and educates the public about the nature and history of donkeys to improve their plight.
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    1100 Oregon City
    Oregon City, OR US
  • Friendly House
    When the First Presbyterian Church founded Friendly House—then named the Marshall Street Community Center—in 1926, it was dedicated to a spiritual mission. But when the 1930s gave rise to the Great Depression, its focus quickly shifted to social concerns out of a desire to help those affected by the economic catastrophe. Friendly House’s scope and reach continued to expand over the next few decades, and today it enriches the lives of community members from every age group with educational, recreational, and life-sustaining services. The neighborhood center and social-services agency help prepare children for school through playgroup and preschool programs. Friendly House also provides housing assistance and transportation for seniors and homeless families and brings the community together through martial-arts classes and other workshops. See how Groupon helps you discover local causes and lend a helping hand to projects big and small at the Groupon Grassroots blog.
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    2617 NW Savier St.
    Portland, OR US
  • North Portland
    Whether they're dangling from a tree, a club's ceiling, or pull-up bars inside the studio, A-WOL's cohort of dancers dazzles with a unique combination of dance and aerial fitness. Classes range from aerial yoga to trapeze, helping participants fly through the air like projectile cream pies. Instructors ensure that each participant soars safely by building a strong foundation before testing out skills and tricks.
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    2303 N Randolph Ave.
    Portland, OR US